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  1. Hey...sign me up... I will lock in for another Decade!
  2. I am so tired of the "SIDE RESTRICTION DELAY". I for 1 can tell you that all it does is waste time in my life that I cant get back. I will never play the opposite side because of a 2:00+ wait. Honestly, I am not sure that anyone logging in will sway which side they play because of a time delay, so why have it? Now, I have a very small window of opportunity to sit down and immerse myself into a world that allows me to forget about reality for 30 minutes at a time. Based on a 2:00 minute side restriction and then the usual 1:00 minute spawn delay that goes with it, you have taken 10% of my pleasure away from me every time i try to escape and relax. In other words, every 10 times I play, I give 1 away! I have been in this game since Night time was really night (you couldn't see your hand in front of your face), When a filled up truck with Infantry was what we called our mobile FRU, when we had convoys of 20+ tanks, driving down the road to stock up on(resupply) at closer towns for a grand attack, When a tank could take down a FB, and when SMG and Rifle were your only choice. I had no children, I had no grey hairs and I was about 50 pounds lighter. I have had opinions, hopefully more constructive than complaining, but this time I must complain. This loss of time can not be justified! The lopsidedness of logged in players will always be an issue. The attempt of using the character issue of patience on your paying customers is a poor attempt to alleviate the issue! However, and I hope it's not true, I did hear that if you have a builder account, you never get a side or spawn restriction... this is nothing less than extortion! Regards, Hanah
  3. Well, I fixed it. I did a system restore, then Add/Remove programs, deleted the WWIIonline ... Then started up the game and had quite a patch to download. I am on Fios and it took me about 25 minutes to download the patch, so if ur Internet is very slow.... dont do it this way and pray someone answers this and gives you the correct way to repair, what I like to call.... The wonderful world of WWII Patches....
  4. I keep getting this "Authentication Failed" when the game is loading up. I downloaded the patch and lost all my sound. I had to do a system restore and since then I cant get in game. It just keep saying at load up screen, Authentication failed. Please help.... thanks