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  1. Signing in for another tour Looking forward to seeing all the changes.
  2. Looking forward to playing again and trying out the new features. Remember amazing battles, pitch black nights, towel over the head and monitor 15 years! Wow time flies by. Got to search for my old joystick
  3. Just bought a BFG 8600GTS. Presently using a 6600GT, using 84.21 driver, which has given me the best FPS over the 9xxxx drivers. Which driver version do u guys think will be the best for my new card, havnt installed it yet, till I get the driver issue sorted. Thanks for your help, Argyle.
  4. I have found AVG to be an excellent anti- virus program. It has proved to be reliable and unintrusive. Previously I tried Norton AV, which proved to be a huge system hog, intrusive, and had conflicts with my Creative Labs Audigy 2 sound card ( an issue Norton is aware of, is reported in their 'Read me' notes,... But not much help after you have bought thier AV program.)
  5. Be aware however, Norton anti-virus has a conflict with Audigy sound cards. Norton knows this, but only informs you in the 'read me' file, after you have bought the program. Also , Norton is extremely ' invasive', try turning it off .
  6. Had to re-format and reload the game. Lost the Allied shortcut link. Could someone please post the Allied shortcut link. Thanks in advance, Argyle.