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  1. As has been mentioned here, I f I go AFK, or quickly log out and back in, I lose my joy stick. A few steps and I have it back, but holy cow that's annoying.
  2. Yeah...this is what had me dumb founded for the longest time! I think it took a squad mate's cmfl (
  3. Hmm, let's see here. It's been a long time, but I remember having a hard time figuring out something having to do with track clutching and track braking. Your answer might be there in the key mapper. Not a lot of help, I know...sorry, that's all I've got for ya.
  4. With the return of server stability, it's time to ramp up recruitment once more.
  5. It's been an odd couple of weeks Buck. Several of us went to play Axis way back in January, and I myself just returned a few weeks ago, just before the mini campaign began. I know of a couple who are still over there because they started the current campaign as Axis. (I haven't played the current map at all) Pilotmc hosted our old site for the longest time, but took it down a few years ago. We now stay connected via a facebook group for the 53rd. Many former and current squad mates are signed up. Many you know too and would love to hear from you. Some don't like facebook at all, but created an account with no information, and use their game name. That's all they use facebook for.
  7. Absolutely Buckshot!! Coss just resubbed, I know he'd be ecstatic to see you AND play along side you again!
  8. Check out Blitzkader. Their thread is right here on this page.
  9. We're growing!! Couple old timers resubbed PLUS I picked up a couple recruits today. One newbie and one ol veteran! Things are lookin UP! Come one come all!!
  10. The 53rd is a squad that was formed before the launch of the game in 2001 and was a feared infantry & Anti-tank squad from '01 - 07. Since then, we've fallen to the wayside, but it's time to rise again. Currently in rebuilding mode. Our goal is to become THE premier infantry fighting squad - THE squad the HC calls upon when they want something done. Form 2 SOLID squad nights every week led by qualified field leader veterans. My personal goal is to achieve 30-40 members for every squad night. We have three primary rules. We're an Allied only squad, have fun and always respect our squad mates. Are you up for getting in on the ground floor of something soon to be great? Are you a game veteran and prepared to take on the role of a regular field leader? The 53rd is growing and going. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me here in the forums, I'm always around.
  11. Yup, I do it everyday.
  12. Same, I do it all the time. You need to have to sound folder open so you can mute one of the two. Nothing worse than hearing an enemy audio but can't pin point it because you still have your tow account spawned in.
  13. I guess I either have mine tuned just right or have been playing with it so long that I'm used to it. I just don't have any of these problems...meh
  14. You must have a funky setting. I have been using my mouse for turret control for a good 4+ years now with no problems.
  15. Yes yes yes - Congratz 13th! I told BK to be ready, warning them that you guys are a good bunch. S!, Great fun indeed!! "down to the wire" is the nature of this type of setup. Buying time until the final 5 minutes is just how these are going to play out as it would be suicidal to frontally assault the 5 bunkers with too much time remaining in the event. You have no idea how many people the other squad may have in the event, so there's no way to know if you've killed all of them. So that validates the tactic of waiting until the final 3-5 minutes to begin the infantry push. Never the less, it's a great scenario...about as even steven as it could possibly get. Again, S! 13th...Good job guys!!