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  1. well i wont lie although i dont play as much as i use to, i will not be paying 17.99 a month for this game as i choose monthly due to work limiting me on being able to play as much as i use to. CRS be pre-pared to lose more then your going to make cause i don't think a lot of people are going to go for this. GL sub runs out nov 17th it was a pleasure and privy to play this game for so many years (day 1) with so many different people. I hoe it all works out for everyone who plays. revi out p.s. NOW give me what you said you were going to give us at launch and you will probably get my money that way i won't lie. More countries... pacific theatre... NOW were talking
  2. after being away for a year... downloading and installing... and getting a error already i must say that was not a good start for someone who has played since day 1... kind of a turn off i hope they fix this quickly. revi out
  3. yes please do share. Revi out
  4. lacoe im not sure i know we have been doing the same in 16id over the last week trying to get rid of players who dont play no more or trial players who never came back. This is probably a question for bloo i think... not positive. Revi out
  5. i launch game and the box for login and password just disappears like it would launch but doesnt do antying.... no firewalls up nothing.... everything should be working.... anyone else having this issue??? ive just resubscribed after 6 months and i really wanna give the game a go again.... so any help from those who know of this issue or those who are having same problem... would be helpfull please. thanks revi out
  6. im not that good at this stuff to do that.... honestly i shoudlnt have to.... the gme should work with my download like i paid for it. But i see it was a mistake.... hopefully i can get it to work. so i dont think i will be contaxting anyone but CRS to ask for my money back cause there game once again dont work. This is the last time i trust them. Shame on me. Thanks for the help those who posted. Revi out
  7. been out of game for a long time... over 6 months... thought i would give it another try with the atg's coming out. Download the installer.... install game and playgate..... nothing.... it launches and goes no where and just stops. When i try and bring up the ww2 online settings menu it gives me a error and says cant login to it. This is not a good way to get a old customer back who was with game since launch. If this is a known problem is there a fix... and if there is i probably didnt read far enough into the forums. And if that is case ignore my post. If it isnt... i just wasted 14.99.... and that saddens me. Revi out
  8. well my squad has 250 members..... and they are all pretty active.... we had over 50 on tojnight..... tell me thats not an advantage? not to mention we are VERY organized.... at any given time i can ask ffor 10 pilots.... 10 dd captains.... 10 tanker... or 10 sappers and we got it to give.... the advantages are numbers my friend.... more numbers more damage you do. Plain and simple. And like you said when TOE's come out it will really be nice. Revi out
  9. bable training server? my gusy seem to not be able to find a link to it no more any word on wassup? Revi out
  10. well my join date is june 10th 2001..... my account date is dec 17th 01 i belive..... thanks bable....also i will tell my guys if they want there adte changed to drop you a email and give it time to adjust for i know your busy. thanks m8 revi out
  11. any word on this yet? its been a month..... not trying to push but can i get SOME kind of answer here? i got squaddies asking still in the forums! lol revi out
  12. lol that 512 megs on a 6800 ultra is no match for a gtx.... it would take your two 6800's to even get NEAR the performance of one gtx.... hell i just bougth a 7800gt and it blows anything out of the water ive seen 1 on 1 of any 6800 series.... when you have a crapload of pixel pipelines m8 your gonna get kickass performace.... 7800 series is kickarse... revi out p.s. i just built this this last month 3700+ san diego 7800 gt sli gigabyte k8n ultra sli 2 gig low latency ram dual channel dual hitachi 3.0 gb SATAII hard drives in raid 0 i get roughly and rarely go below 100 fps in ww2 now.... heavy combat i peek at 100 and go down to around 70-80..... i lvoe my new system
  13. sorry kon was just frustrated at the time m8! no hard feelings and i apologize revi out
  14. ok thanks.... now can we find out why they are like this? thank you revi out