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  1. knowmad420 just ask for a BK recruiter on axis side chat or channel 10 and next time your on and someone should be able to get you a invite .
  2. Join BK and fight for the axis since we just started a new map.
  3. Bump to top. And if anyone has been removed from BK recently odds are it was a mistake so please find any officer or NCO in game and ask to rejoin. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Hit one of us up in game and someone should be able to help you out.
  5. just wanted to see this one to the top again. S!
  6. Thank you many in my squad have been having this problem. I hope this will help them out.
  7. Welcome Back past members. If you have liked the newest patch and are going to stay awhile playing the axis side then look us up if you want to join a squad.
  8. This happened to me as well tonight I would get the kill credit on an ei either kneeling and they did nothing but stopped moving.
  9. I tried to warp into a cp tonight and it spawned me back at fb .
  10. Yeah I had this happen as well. I could not see players on my mission but could see players on other missions.