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  1. Atirons, that is an Outstanding question and gets to the heart of any massively multi-player online game but is particularly critical in th THIS game which has the largest World War II gamemap on the planet! Thanks for asking..........
  2. Amazing thread. A lot of whiny egos. Despite all, I will be in still be in Allied CP's and Allied Bunkers WITH an LMG and I will still be capping you back to England and having fun doing it! And if you are on this thread whining about the "nerfing" of the LMG....I had better not see you in an Allied CP or Bunker ever again after wasting our time with this Chest Beating! 'Nuff Said! On with the War!
  3. Sniper and other CRS volunteers....keep on...Keeping On! Leave the Simpleton's to keep shooting their mouths off.....I happen to know that most of them are bombastic in the forums because they are lacking in the biological gonad arena!
  4. Rarely does armor get in position to camp an FMS without the knowledge of the FMS spawners......very few FMS spawners take any responsibility for placing PPO's and spawning sappers and ATG's , that's why they get camped so often. You can take it from there if you really want to solve the problem! I can hear the whining replies now: "But, THAT's not my responsibility".........
  5. I don't want to cause a lot of rucus...but would like to know why we don't take a snapshot of PPO's in the game and restore them when we reset the server? 1. Is it possible? Or impossible under the current coding? 2. If its do we get there? (simple procedural/coding fix? Longer Term fix? what's entailed?) I also plan and execute some rather long missions with squaddies and server resets not announced with at least several days notice really crushes a lot of investment in game missions! thanks,
  6. Across the board, almost all Axis aircraft historically are better designed for "Boom and Zoom"...which actually means that they bleed "E" worse than most Allied aircraft generally speaking! I see that those who are complaining agree...thats the way it was....... When you are complaining that you boom and zoom and all of a sudden 3 enemy aircraft are on your tail.......its about numbers and tactical flying...not evidence that the air physics are "totally borked"...but, again, I get your frustration...there are things that need to be fixed but the core of the air physics is well designed. delems quotes air kill inequitites as "evidence" that there is a systemic problem with the air physics in the game itself. Any statistician will tell you that there are too many variables in that equation and observation to generate that determination...what IS true is that Axis pilots across the board in this game expect to engage in turn fighting and expect their "E" to be the same or equal to allied aircraft. I recommend that you go to an arcade game if thats what you want....thats not the way it was in real life..... Axis pilots have to have an entirely different perspective and attack plan when you lift off...why do you think that their Air capabilites were eventually destroyed in the Big WWII ? The successful Axis pilots historically only engaged in air combat in situations and manners that benefited their success......those that decided to turn fight or engage multiple enemy aircraft in the same airspace are long dead! As Always....all of this In My Humble Opinion (IMHO) !
  7. I certainly identify with your frustration...but you don't even mention a plane that you are flying.....and yes, its historically possible for an Allied plane to follow you in a dive after a strafing run and catch you on the pullup depending upon how you did it but you don't give any details. If you ever think that you are "forced" to get into a turn battle with a Spit...its a pilots decision based upon the situation at the time....If your point is that the Allied are always flying in more numbers than Axis....Nolo Contendere'....if your point is that some aircraft don't seem to follow the expected physics....sure is true...but if you are saying that the flight physics in this game are totally have lost my confidence that you know what you are talking about. Historically, the Spit was an outstanding turn fighter....thats just the facts! I would like to see some of the aircraft (like the DB7 Airshow physics while fully loaded with bombs) and explosive physics changed....but I was able to use good basic ACM techniques, modified by aircraft to aircraft specifics in my very first flight ever in this game....that means an Axis 109E-1 against a very experienced spitfire pilot (and we were both using advanced moves demonstrating a clear understanding of our aircraft capabilities and the conservation of Energy "E" where we aerial danced for 20 minutes never getting a successful shot off.....and I was able to successfully use clouds and the "Zoom" effect to escape the encounter. So, IMHO, the basic aircraft physics are right on for the most part. If there was a 2nd Allied aircraft in the mix, I would have been dead very quickly. I will say that if you don't have a direct connection to your internet port (no wifi or other configurations) and have a good computer and Internet Service Provider connection, the air game is not for you. You will always see anomalies that appear impossible in real life. One thing that I have NOT seen yet (although it may exist and perhaps someone can point to it in this thread) in the WWIIOnline Air game is a chart similar to those for Tanks/vehicles showing game coded "Hit Points" that facilitate damage and kills. I think that would help, particularly for new players. I cannot tell you the number of times that folks have said that they "unloaded" their ammo from behind an enemy aircraft (and most videos I see from frustrated pilots show them bouncing their nose all over the place while spraying the aircraft) and it just "flew off"....unfortunately, there are many hit scenarios that historically would cause enemy aircraft damage that don't cause damage in this game...but that is true of armored units also....someone just made a chart that helped you identify those areas so you can better target them. For aircraft in this game, the "Wing Root" is apparently the most likely target to cause heavy damage and get kills....that spot is not very accessible from behind the aircraft...... I think that your frustration is showing in your emotion and would encourage you to continue to fly and learn the art of your aircraft and the capabilities of your opponent. I personally have much more fun on the ground so you don't see me too much in the air...but I get to see the aerial battles daily from the ground! There are outstanding pilots on both sides (just less flying on Axis side at the long-term moment) and there are some fixes that need to be made....but its not a systemic problem....and this is NOT an arcade type game by any means. Whatever you do in this game though, I recommend you stick to what lets you have the most fun! The possibilities are endless!
  8. Hey! How Cool would it be in the future. to actually send an image of a CRS War Bond Certificate to those that contributed....LOL...a lot of online material available and WWII historical stuff to construct it......and, of course, signed by Xoom! That will be valuable memorabilia for us Battleground Europe the original box set from 2001! ............... its a thought!
  9. Nice Changes! I have been able to bounce grenades (smoke and explosive) from the other room in the top floor and kill the capper. They have to hold the stairway also for any real chance of capping IMHO!l I wait for the day when the various bunkers used over the years are all integrated into the geography so that attackers must identify and adjust tactics depending upon the style of bunker that they encounter in each town! Woot!
  10. Will we be able to transport supply between towns like before but without moving brigades?
  11. SSSSsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Geezus Guys....thats our Axis PsyOps effort.....shut UPPPPPP!
  12. Xoom, Great Post...the key between "S" & "F" on my keyboarX Xoes not work but I have to jump in anX say your presence has steaXieX anX improveX the gameplay anX the Community! Thanks from hunXreXs of us!
  13. Salute to a Great Persona/Person! Our heartfelt condolences to Hastien and Family/Friends! R. I. P. Salute
  14. I was there. That's how it happened. An unbelievably flexible but small Axis force did it! It starts with Great Leadership...but in addition, we had people running everywhere....opels and FMS's and JU's appearing magically in what was an hours long affair....."guard this" , "cap THAT" "Move to cover and interdict" TS was lit up for hours....people not even taking a Bio break for fear of losing that thin strand of advantage.....and, most importantly as Leanderj said, I was on the JU flight to Ramsgate while we were bickering about whether it was "worth" the distraction...and we did all agree that it will be one flight and one try....and the risk of that effort by a small dedicated band of merry men crumbled the map. I love this Game! I am so glad that I was online to adrenalin pumping experience! Salute to Command Leadership! Coastal/Suppo/Papalking
  15. As we move towards there any current thought or direction to get to squad based missions where visibility of and participation in squad designated missions are not available to the general game population? I think that I have reached my limit of having very time-intensive, long logistic-line and risky missions being disrupted by some moron who just clicks on on a mission or spawns in to see whats up and reports back to the other side. I know that won't solve the problem of your own squaddies doing it.....but then maybe we can manage better (by their behavior) who actually is in the squad. I haven't seen a thread on this or seen it in the development plan but it is always possible that I missed it.
  16. Thanks Wargh1 for your feedback! here is my feedback as a Day 1 Beta player in this game: 1. This is a game for the big boys with teamwork! It fluctuates hourly and depends upon leadership, communication and luck! I can see from your posts that you understand the difference between this game and the FPS go "blow them away" options on the market.....make your decision. 2. I was surprised with your stated "newbie" experience that you caught onto the strategic aspects of the game, knew the significance and existance of HC, complained about the lack of communication and activity in the game (without any demonstration or communication of leadership in the game itself other than a few stated chat communications), zeroed in on problems you saw in FPS play with seeing/killing enemy and incurring damage (while the game was publicly working on those issues and providing mention of that from you). this, in particular, tells me that you are a VERY experienced player in the industry or a former WWIIOnline hack that wants some sort of vindication or revenge for something in game. I don't care which but I respect your time to provide the quality feedback and I hope you can stick with the game and continue to provide quality feedback. It is a very steep learning curve, unparalleled in complexity, and is NOT for the immature audience. 3. The controller interface is simple...use the keymapper....I was shocked that you stated the problems you had with this HAS to be the same problems you experience with other games.....only difference? this game has geometric keymapper complexity compared to other games. 4. Overpopulation: You stated " I have never been under the impression that there was any "overpopulation" ????? What? When you log into the game it tells you under and over population. You can't get into the game without seeing it unless you don't want to..... 5. Communicaton and Squads: Seriously? You cannot be conscripted into a squad in this game unless you click to agree to join a squad....give me a break! 6. The Mouse You stated: "I looked for it but I am not ready to spend a half an hour or more on settings when I log in a game for the first time " Again....Seriously? You can only be playing internet checkers if that is the case. You stated that you are "over and out" but I hope you have the endurance to respond to this.......and continue to mature in the gameplay of this unique and complex online game. Coastal
  17. Thanks in Advance! Coastal/Suppo/Papalking WHIPS
  18. Great Airshow considering the Blue Angels were not here this year. The weather was perfect and it seemed that security was tighter this year! Coastal
  19. I will be at the Volunteer Food Tent, Hillsboro Air Show at 10am, Saturday, August 6th. I will need to leave promptly and no later than 11am. Hope to see you there. Text or Call 503.369.2915 if you are around!
  20. the development plan and quit being so smug yourself please.
  21. LOL Penetrate, I am very sorry that you have had a rough life, are angry about yourself, refuse to identify yourself (probably because you can't bear to look at yourself in the mirror, let alone anyone else......) refused to read the game development plan that hundreds of us have worked on the last 2 years... and spent a total of 6 posts at this point to denigrate the game that you once loved.....hehehe Get a Life! Enjoy your "advanced computer and high speed internet" somewhere else.
  22. Helmman! Wooohoooo! Welcome Back....a "Blast from the Past!" Fight On! Enjoy!
  23. LOL Throggy! ya think you are just pissed off at life in general? Go play one of the games that is NOT around didn't even bother to read the game development plan that is available for everyone.....
  24. I really like the comments of Capco and PBVeteran and have used their comments in a version that describes this game best to me: Battleground Europe is a non-arcade MMOFPS full PvP WW2 themed online game that encourages, if not demands, and rewards teamwork, including squad membership and play, on a large scale. Players have diverse in-game choices in combination unlike any other WWII themed online game. Players can choose sides and countries to play for and choose dimensional roles such as strategic leadership, strategic or tactical playing, squads, brigades and equipment, employment of that equipment in both defensive and offensive modes all in a constrained resources environment. Battleground Europe is an online reflection and representation of most of the dynamics that impacted the European Theater during World War II and is interspersed with compromises in historical accuracy for playability. For example, there is no political strata currently programmed in this game. Thanks for the initiating the discussion James10!