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  1. Damn, jester. What are your computer's specs?
  2. Yeah, 18 pages in, and it's not stickied.
  3. /brady "Commader at Okinawa, Lieutenant-General Ushijima Mitsuru, it is."
  4. HOLY CRAP 2 POSTS SINCE 2001! Gentlemen, we have a winner!
  5. My God, I hope you mean ~$700, lol.
  6. I'll be able to be there, sounds like a LOT of fun.
  7. I'll be there if I can magically teleport from my physics class to my computer, five minutes before school lets out, lol.
  8. BTW, when is Flea going to continue work on his Rommel movie? Was it discontinued or what?
  9. Wow, this is good stuff Utinni. I'm definitely following this one.
  10. Okay...I just got back from the local computer store...let's just say I still have my reciept, okay? lol Now, a few months ago, I bought a GeForce 6600 (PCI-e), so I'm saving that for the computer I plan to build in a few months. I'll return the AGP card tomorrow for a normal PCI card--ANYTHING is better than this crappy Intel onboard shat.
  11. I'm saying that I bought an AGP video card, because there's a space on the motherboard for the user to install an AGP slot. I need to buy the AGP slot to be able to install the card. The space is right above and slightly right of the PCI connectors.
  12. I need to buy an AGP connector slot for my new video card. It's AGP 4/8x, 256 mb, GeForce 6200... Need more info? I have to know what type of connector to buy for my motherboard.