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  1. Hello, I came to this forum to request help un-installing discord so that I can clear this software from my computer and re-install it. I have un-installed it, deleted all of the programs, and it is still starting the app even without any part of the app installed. Being that my post was blocked by ARRADIN I will post a request for the same help as in the DODGE1 DISCORD BAN HELP!!! Yosagi AKA Dodge1
  2. I have deleted WWIIOL and Playnet from my Computer, and deleted Discord except for a few files. I can not remove these files and completely un-instal discord because I get the message of . . . "can not delete because program is open in another program." I am trying to scrub my computer of this program so that I can re-install discord and attempt to rejoin WWIIOL as a full pay member as well as my squad in the 7th Allied Strike Team but after being kicked in the later part of may for dodge1 feat. the 7th AST protests about a bug in game through the discord chat I have not been able to rejoin team chat. I had NOT received a formal ban for my conduct through e-mail and after 3 months of exile, 10 plus different invites and addresses, I am wondering what I have to do to get back on discord voice comms. Please post help. Yosagi AKA dodge1
  3. This is a fantastic idea birdman26. Whether it is a Operation Sea Lion, Dunkerque, Overlord, Battle of the Bulge, or even recreating the blitzkrieg of Armor on the Maginot Line, I feel it would be much more engaging than what intermission seems to be anymore. If I remember right, this was what happened between maps when I left around 11 years ago and it seemed to have more participants willing to propitiate the game rather than just fulfill virtual blood lusts without trying to get a fight going as was the case yesterday when I was on. This seems like it would work better now as maps aren't won and fought so quickly. Dodge1
  4. I look forward to seeing how the new FMS and UMS will play out in the upcoming campaign, just one question though; when can we expect a return to normal play.