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  1. It did. Same with Steam, most of AEF went AFK until 1.36/Steam would come.
  2. The 1 major issue with TOE is that the flags are so dynamic that if you want attrition to play a role, you are attriting supply all over the map. CRS decreased the supply multiple times but every time the playerbase would complain that for example there was no tiger all over the map.
  3. Still its kind of good if they can release on steam and then like 3 months after have this awesoke patch with loads of new stuff.
  4. I havent played this campaign. But a couple of notes: 1.we had a 3 day campaign before with a double pincer move at ciney/arlon to bastogne. This was with both HC in full order but both sides taking big risks. With i believe 30 min timer as well. 2. if frontline moves were set to 30 min this was a bug az we all know from back in the day that 30 min frontline timers is a bad idea. Its too quick. 3. the aftermath of such a large cut shows 1 of the problems with TOE. And it has (again as we had a 3 day campaign before, and many breakthroughs after) not overly much to do with HC being on or not. Even with HC on you can get these breakthroughs and they are not considered a good thing after they happened.
  5. only way to rank up is bombing bridges.. Worst of the air game is that as a noob you are up against guys in better planes that have been playing for 8 years and are all on TS together lol. I usually just try to do CAS as air to air is not really worth it.
  6. Gaining rank is best with AA gunning. At least back in the day. I would go from rank 1 to 5 within the 2 weeks trial. 40 points per kill on RTB. Action wise on a total sortie its one of the most packed things you can do. If an enemy airfield is close you are basically engaged in action 75% of the time.
  7. You can more easily make new accounts through the website. Just like back in the day. The first year i played only on free trials because i didnt have a CC. and that is actually good for CRS because then if you subscribe through website they get more moneyss
  8. Nevermind hipfire. At least increase the reload time. Right now it is twice as fast as the rifles and the animation is missing a step. For gameplay and historical reasons that just can't be right. Smgs should be better at close combat than the bigger lmg.
  9. Trickle timer will have hardly any effect sorry to say. Its only from 15 to 30 and the damage is already done as soon as you have the new flag in. After 2 min youll have the first fresh tank spawn, 2 min after another one. You would have to have a significant delay until trickle starts for it to have effect. i.e. 15-30 min before the first supply arrives. Which complicates the HC game however. But the changes all over the board are probably good. at a minimum it spices up the game.
  10. they actually will have this. its been announces multiple times now. (have to rank up still)
  11. pretty sure that rule isnt true anymore. the more brigades the more depot supply
  12. The supply you destroy currently has very little meaning. It did have meaning the short period where the old team turned down supply levels and upped the resupply delays. But people got angry because that also meant there was no supply on a -global- level. While with a town based system it is much easier to have local attrition, but sufficient global supply. 7 divisions (with fewer brigades) lead to breakthroughs, 9 divisions leads to practically unlimited supply in a single town. A perfect example is AA'ing in a single town. You can shoot down 40 bombers, it doesn't matter because you can rotate the entire side's air supply through this single airfield. With local supply, attriting an airfield can have a big local impact. TOE /= Campaigns. We had campaigns before, and the concept of campaigns in BE is that there is a very slowly moving frontline for around 30 days leading to a win for 1 of the sides. Kind of like these castle building browser games, you start in a specific server and after 1-3 months it's done. That's your strategic element and it doesn't go away with town based supply. If you fight over Ciney 1 day and see that overnight you actually managed to hold it thats a great thing! Don't get me wrong btw, hybrid system is the way to go, but I rather go back to town based first then work 2 years on the perfect hybrid system. Many different strategy layers can be implemented on top of town based supply, it doesn't have to be another iteration of the current game mechanic.
  13. Ouch that doesn't look too good...
  14. What were bad characteristics of fresh supply in every town? 1 thing i remember is that ciney would fall 6 times a day due to the defender having 1 ab and the attacker 3 ab's. But was that really that bad? At least it gave you a feel of achievement when you captured it.
  15. There's a difference between breakthroughs and simply advancing in a direction. The first one are too quick, the later are too slow. With town based supply you can continue attacking because with each capture you get a fresh town. Breakthroughs however would be less likely as every town you capture also makes it harder to attack since theres now 2-3 fresh enemy towns. The example you give only shows that slowing down brigade moves would make things even more complicated. Every move you make can lead to a big screw up, because you can not correct it quickly. "Do i move the brigade in or not?" Playerbase will always be dissatisfied. Town based supply simply exempts the HC from any blame and responsbility.