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  1. Even if you build something in-house you still need to assign a lot of resources to create a new vehicle. With the current road map (steam in Summer) it honestly doesn't make sense to create completely new vehicles, rather than re-purpose existing ones.
  2. Don't think you can. The game runs full-screen only.
  3. HC will need to play a role in spreading out the playerbase. Even in 2008 we had more players ingame and it didnt lead to huge problems as there would simply be much more AO's and people would do more stuff off the frontline.
  4. Its so sad to hear when someone you played with back in the day is no longer there. And to realise the hard truth that every year the game continues to live on, the community loses more old veterans.. My deepest respect and condolences to his family and friends. Sevenedg rest in peace.
  5. Everyone in AEF seems to like discord over TS.
  6. TZ1 -> Europe TZ2 -> US TZ3 -> Aussie. In practice they are not all three the same length (due to geographically placement of continents/players) In paris time approximately: TZ1 -> 15:00 - 00:00, TZ2 -> 00:00 - 05:00 TZ3 05:00 - 10:00/15:00 (tz4 10:00-15:00) Highest population is around 20:00 paris time, with nowadays a small dip between 23:00 and 01:00. Then 01:00 again high pop. Lowest population is around 10:00-13:00.
  7. Awesome video again. Were you the one doing the older ones as well? Question btw: can you include the total kills, last 24 hours in the screen? (from the webmap) It would be interesting to see the intensity of the fighting.
  8. Just take the .50 cal animation/design from the m10, edit it a bit and slap it on the stug g -> instant wargasm
  9. How do you coast? Just engine off or?
  10. This has definitely grown since F2P.
  11. Can this be something weight related? Hatch mentioned that a lot of the early vehicles have their mass all in the middle instead of spread out over all the different components. I notice that if I stop on a small elevation to set a FMS then the morris always slowly turns (even if I hold the breaks) until it is facing the downslope direction. Luckily it doesn't seem to block FMS placement anymore (before with the fru you had that if you turned 5 degrees the placement was not accepted), but still something weird going on.
  12. The flak30 really needs replacing yeah. Its ugly old and a pos
  13. Nah, when i swap missions all marks are gone. Even same target. The marking system was overhauled once and i think now it works with packets. The marks are sent to everyone who needs it at that time. But the mark isnt stored server wise so youll never see old marks from when you werent on target. Really needs fixing imo.
  14. We had that ingame. It was removed because of a bug that caused you to permanently have it unless you despawned. Kind of like the audio related fire bug where you hear someone constantly fire. Additionally the aa's/other small ap guns like on 2c/232 were constantly firing at spawnables shaking everyone in the building... Maybe they can introduce it again in a better way but for now its good it is gone. If they put it back I'd also like some kind of "suppresion" effect when people shoot over your head.
  15. Just double click on a unit and then click spawn. You'll spawn in. The request crew button is optional and only if you want to multi-crew with someone else (1 guy will drive other guy commander/gunner)