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  1. And TZ3 server emptiness, something which we don't have anymore.
  2. Didn´t play but was supply an issue last campaign? Seemed more a HC win it or lose it strategy.
  3. Its a bit stupid that this is a practically impossible condition for Allied and quite feasible for Axis tbh. (Due to map layout.) Would like the map to get extended so axis have a 2nd group of factories. But doesnt really have priority and doesnt matter that much as each side has their own perks and cons.
  4. Isnt luck when you keep only 1 division in front of a huge wedge in the hopes of cutting them off at gedinne/wellin.. and then moving this division north.. away from laon. I dont know what people are thinking nowadays. Even 1 town snakes don't get cut off 95% of the time nevermind a "2AB + no fb 1ab town + enemy airfield nearby" snake. Just saying..
  5. Tbh when axis can cap factories before the rest of the continent it means campaign is super imbalanced so you want it to be over. I actually like that campaign is over quick now instead of these never-ending campaigns Axis used to pull by moving the line west in a straight N to S line taking absolutely no risk although it being super obvious they would win. (2010-2015 period)
  6. The up and down movement of AO´s is really annoying. Seems to have no delay.
  7. Right now focus is more on fixing resolution bug which impacts a lot of steam users and releasing the stuff that has been waiting on the shelf. 1.36 next.
  8. Agree. The brigade moves are just too tiring. Too much stuff to pay attention to with too limited tools. And all the while it distracts me from leading in the field.
  9. This. Apart from the radio sound theres not a lot of information that someone sent you a private message. And to a new guy the radio sounds can be coming from anything..
  10. Imo make all paratrooper classes available to f2p. Want to not spend 10 minutes flying? Subscribe!
  11. over 30 players take two planes lol.
  12. Very good post. Especially the key defaults seem a quick win fix
  13. The UI is really too difficult yeah. Why do i have to create missions all the time? Simply allow me to spawn wherever I want by clicking a spawnpoint and then being able to see the equipment available. If i want to group up with other people i want this done in a squad like tab.. not having anything to do with the mission i am in which is a just a tool to spawn at the specific spawnpoint. Unfortunately revamping the mission system is apparantly too difficult so we'll always run into these issues.
  14. Should allow them paraplanes and all para units. If you want a lmg better bring it PUBG style