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      WWIIOL NEEDS YOUR HELP   01/19/2017

      Fundraiser 2017 - WWII Online World War II Online has a VERY big year ahead, with an impressive Development Roadmap outlined, and the big release of our game onto the #1 online games distribution portal, "Steam".

      We have started a funding campaign and need YOUR help to achieve these important mission objectives!   Here is a quick overview of what your contribution(s) will be going towards: Project Management software to bolster production and organization. New hardware to prepare for launching on Steam and improving existing services long-term. Supporting our 2017 Development Roadmap objectives. Please support us by going to this link. Several perks for larger donations are shown below:     As always, your continued support is much appreciated. The greatest thing about this game is and always will be the community.   Note: If you want to donate $25 or more, make sure you click on a perk to obtain the items included in it. If you forget to select a perk, send an email to http://support.playnet.com to still get your items.


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  1. There have been 3 fundraisers, excluding the smaller advertisement ones from 2011 or so: Very stable every 10 months a fundraiser, delivering on all promises except the European marketing campaign, although there is now a community marketing team with people working on a bunch of stuff. Just to compare: at 18$ per month, this is 1028 subscription months or ~86 extra subscribers for an entire year. So if Steam gets us those subscriptions, these fundraisers would be less likely to happen. Maybe for a BE 2.0.
  2. Think XOOM fell asleep, topics/announcements will come soon
  3. Unkillable eis not really but eis turning around and thus warping all over... yes. No issue on killing stuff/registering hits here.
  4. Why not join 250? They do this all the time.
  5. Simply make depots/bunkers like the old bunker. Small slit to look through. Makes defending much easier.
  6. Will be fixed soon, so just sit it out. It's not like it happens that often.
  7. Talking brigades pre-toe. How i remember we didn't tend to get cut off there as you could retreat brigades easier than in the N
  8. Title says it all. Allow a landed paraplane to set a fms for the paramission. So then paratroopers can spawn there. Landing in a hot zone and building a fma wont be easy but if you manage tk do it it will allow you to draw supply from para brg. It wont remove the use of dropping paras, just add a functionality.
  9. That would be really strange tbh with the way roosendaal caused this split. Sequencing of aos meh but purposely cutting off brigades by capping towards roosendaal was as normal as a laon cut off..
  10. Pretty sure killing commander only gives a hit in the AAR and not a critical hit/kill(aka equipment does not return to supply). Only on the 2c as the commander=gunner.
  11. Just got to work and get the word out. 1.36 will come with a bunch of other stuff too so would expect people to try the game again.
  12. Free accounts can capture.
  13. Hc

    You need premium.
  14. It seems this bug is still in. It has been in for a while on FB's where a FB suddenly goes down and you see an EI running about... with no audio of satchel being placed or the explosion. Now with FMS's being sapped it becomes even more frequent.
  15. That one made me go wtf? as well haha