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  1. FMS worked perfectly in Veghel yesterday. Because they are so difficult to remove once placed you really get a consistent fight going on. And not 1 flanking tank can kill the entire attack.
  2. Mortars are server tracked objects (STO). Atg rounds are not.
  3. OKW super sloppy so as soon as allied get some numbers back we'll roll east again.
  4. Problem is we need town supply(aka airfield supply) before increasing bomb lethality otherwise the suiciding planes will decimate any armor attack.
  5. Steam is like laundry detergent.. every 2 weeks its on sale Actually i think how plan now is will be better as you arent in between all other games in sale.
  6. So sad to hear about Sevenedg. Played with him back in the days...
  7. Its fine. No major roadblocks, last steps/tests are being taken/done Silence before the storm.
  8. Best thing would be removal of muzxle flash. It makes lmgs too difficult in their real role.
  9. You're turning it around. Its not that the smgs are so good, its because the allied lmg sucks. Would I complain about the lmg being first weapon of choice if allied one was uber as well? Yes! Its simply not a result of good game design if everyone picks 1 item first. An LMG should have specific disadvantages compared to an SMG. Next to that, the MG34 should be absolutely dominating an open field/alleyway cut. Which it already does but could perhaps even get an upgrade. A rifleman takes out an LMG too easily frontally. The accuracy of a rifle seems too high in that respect. People will say "yeah but i can hit a target easily at 1km". But also when there are 50 rounds from a mg34 coming your way? Perhaps that can be improved with some kind of suppression effect (although explosion suppression screen shake was horrible ingame). Also as you say I wonder what the results are from the accuracy review. They can change a lot already on this subject.
  10. haha xanthus. You represent my thoughts on this issue Id like to see someone do a practise run (you know indoor where you have to clear a building shooting cardboard targets) with a mg34 or anything as heavy. Any videos of that?
  11. 1. I dont see him moving in a building, moving his sight. Hes only standing still in 1 spot. Maybe he could walk forward a little bit. Try to change your aim 45 degrees while firing.. 2. He doesnt reload it. Again im not saying you need a 2 man crew to reload a mg34 (while standing). Im saying it should take LONGER than a rifle. Currently all lmgs reload as quick as a smg. Realism ánd gameplay wise thats just bad. CoD1 showed perfectly how it is supposed to be: thompson = quick movement quick reload, BAR = slower movement slower reload but better long range. That stuff made sense.
  12. The OP simply has a point. LMG's running and gunning around deserves a fix. Entire axis side will get pissed off as that is their baby but its a-historical as hell. Give them the Stg44 and at the same time neuter lmgs. Will ease the pain. At a bare minimum it should take longer to reload a heavy mg34 while standing (I wonder actually how you would do that) than jamming a new clip into your mas/kar98. Still this game is far more realistic than others though.
  13. Just need organized squads for that.
  14. 1 important effect is that big battles are laggy for slower pc's. This means that the playerbase has an incentive to go to smaller battles and thus spread out over the frontline. HC also has an important role in this. To call for more people in p3 p4 towns instead of p1 p2
  15. Wohoo im in the video (2:43)