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  1. They did that once. But then you get conflicts between hc and pb about whether to move brigades or not to fill the supply gap.
  2. In the past i prefered somuas to having 2 mattys and 40 a13s tbh.
  3. 1.36 will change a lot if we dont have 100 moveable brigades next to town supply. Town supply means ciney is 1 ab of supply vs 3 attacker abs. So it constantly switches sides.. 3-5 times a day. Although it can be annoying at least youll have a sense of achievement within a gaming session.
  4. For me it actually was because game got boring. I like 5-7 AOs with organised tank columns. Didnt have that for years (last really good period was 2009-10 with KGW evenings) then steam kinda went meh. Should have done 1.36 before steam as was planned (but unfortunately not doable with resources available). Ill probably resub once 1.36 is in, but it has taken so incredibly long. As others say people grow up, get kids etc. Still I hope the freedom that 1.36 provides (still got aos that limit freedom) might spark a more permanent population increase. But its already 10-15 years later
  5. I was testing the bofors the other day and noticed the same thing. But was thinking only using single zoom (rather than complete zoom in) kind of removes most of the block?
  6. I hear some talk about the british grenadier?
  7. Actually this is link of live feed:
  8. Dont have access to offtopic anymore but applicable for the ww2ol community
  9. Add to Calendar Location Local Time Time Zone UTC Offset Amsterdam (Netherlands) Saturday, 29 September 2018, 00:00:00 CEST UTC+2 hours New York (USA - New York) Friday, 28 September 2018, 18:00:00 EDT UTC-4 hours Tokyo (Japan) Saturday, 29 September 2018, 07:00:00 JST UTC+9 hours Corresponding UTC (GMT) Friday, 28 September 2018, 22:00:00
  10. Imo: Priority 1 release 1.36 Priority 2 ews based AO's. Priority 3 nothing Priority 4 nothing Priority 999999 - other stuff.
  11. Dude you weren't gone for thát long?
  12. Yeah cause 1 guy being in charge makes them hate him and log off. If theres a competing squad they just hate the other squad but thats it.
  13. Better than the MOIC not giving an AO to a large group of players as we've seen in the past.
  14. Who cares about Tier 3 with s76/tiger parity rediculousness. Tier 1 (stuart) and Tier2(m10 vs non-super OP widely available tanks) is best now.
  15. Quick start This first part provides the most basic information to spawn at the right place as a new recruit. These are sources that can help you in getting to know the game better: Tutorials Quick start guide Game mechanics Guide 1 Guide 2 Infantry Allied sapper and anti tank rifle guide Axis sapper and anti tank rifle guide Tanking Engagement ranges for tank vs tank combat Range sight tutorial for german tanks Flying Booklet for pilots Picture and description of the circle around enemy planes showing the distance. Altitudes of cities (for bombers)
  16. Q: Will hybrid flags be able to move around independently of 1 another? Would make HC job 95% easier. Aka no sister brg needed in/next to town. Q: Will we be able to set fallback of flags with ".ne brigade town" type of command? Q: Will hybrid flags remove link between orbat and supply? (please do)
  17. Why are people constantly comparing it to the 232? As you say its a completely different unit that's more comparable to the vickers. What axis unit is comparable to the R35? Dont hear us complaining about it. Our supply list is considerably reduced because we have the panhard in it. And theres only like 3 available in an inf brg. Big whooping deal.
  18. Axis having super fast MG's on their tanks compared to allied is also a big deal. Dont hear many complaining about that. You're all acting like the panhard kills 50% of axis armor, just like with the british grenadier. Hope you dont get your nerfs this time.
  19. You do know the only reason people use the panhard is because the stuart is not in and pretty much all other tanks are slow and blind right?
  20. Sound needs to be upped yeah. Still you should just scout from commander constantly as well. A moving pan is same as a silent atg waiting to ambush you.
  21. Very crucial information. Did you report this to the rats?
  22. Both sides will run an OP from 12:00 EST. Make sure you are online during EU evening and later! OP will continue even we happen to be in intermission mode.
  23. nother kick