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  1. 2001 32nd Armoured Infantry. Doctor Squibb jgoose jhenning wm71 ...the list goes on. Damn that was a good time.
  2. Hell I may have to get back into it for a bit.
  3. Almost makes me consider a return. Almost.
  4. Completely agree. Shocked it hasn't been talked about on forums.
  6. Ignore and delete. Found fix (although it was difficult to find) and it worked.
  7. Just tried to get in game and it shows all personas as locked, then 30 seconds or so later it shows me the training screen and say's I've completed all 5/5, however, I can't get anywhere after that. Is this a new bug or has it already been reported?
  8. I see my comments went way over vas' head. I'll move along anyway. What a goon.
  9. Sooo what are we doing about tz3 since playing and taking towns during tz1 and 2 is worthless? Asking for a friend.
  10. Good to see you tman, are you back playing? Kidd, yes overstocking is back and will be very important as long as resupply timers are over 24 hours. Other ideas to throw out there: For hr sake of time, I'll use total number of inf as my example rather than % of supply. 1 ab towns have 75 rifles supply. Fb opens, all of that supply can be used to attack. 2 ab towns have 90 rifles supply. Fb opens and only the same amount of supply a 1 ab has can be used to attack (75 rifles) adjacent towns. . 3 ab towns have 105 rifles supply. Fb opens and 75 rifles can be used for AOs on adjacent towns. Towns with a fourth ab some major (AF's), have 3 ab worth plus para brigade. When a multi town loses abs it decreases total rifles by 15 for each ab they lose. Resupply is whatever crs says and doesn't return until then. Or give those Mia 90 min return timers. Not sure if codeable but there has to be a way to actually cap multi ab towns and defend from adjacent 1-2 ab towns going against those large towns. Otherwise we will be constantly fighting for towns around brux, ant, lux, Aachen, Leige. And won't be able to pass them. i can't think of a 2+ ab town on map with only one link so this would solve many issues. Enough rambling from me this morning. Rats I'm sure will sort it out.
  11. I agree bigger towns should have more supply to defend but not attack. Maybe the answer is every town has the same amount of attacking supply. Towns with more links to them will be harder to hold, but that introduces a strategic element for HC that we enjoy. Also, many towns with multiple links are two or more ab towns so they will have more of a fighting chance. Another idea is quicker resupply timers for larger ab towns. Risk reward for holding or attackingn and gaining those towns. Lastly, paras seem to be good now with time based supply. Is like to see resupply timers in the 24 hour plus range. Towns will fall more often but they can be taken back just as easy. Interdiction and overstocking becomes more important as does KD for the average player.
  12. Nevermind. Literally 3 min more and I would have gotten my answer from the rat chat. Still makes no sense. If the town supply isn't based on number of AB's then it will be impossible to old a big town that has multiple links to it. Conversely if you give that town more supply it's impossible to defend neighboring towns. You would have to have to give towns with more links into it more supply etc...but you are always going to have huge supply advantages and disadvantages all over the map regardless. Only way to do this is diybamoc supply based on multiple factors which is going to be a code nightmare.
  13. Full disclosure, I haven't completed the rat chat yet but I didn't see this brought up in the 45 min I have listened to... Instances where a 1 AB town attacks a 2 AB town with one link, the 2AB town will always kick ass due to the supply disadvantage. It gets even more lopsided with 1 AB vs 3-4 AB towns and only one link by the attacking side. How are you supposed to even hold a 1 AB town that's linked by a bigger town of the supply in a town is based on how many AB's it has? This is just one of many holes I see off the top of my head. For the record, town based supply is 100% the way to go. So I'm not bashing the idea just looking for clarification.
  14. damn, guess im working tonight.
  15. delete