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  2. I loved it. I loved the fact as one side pushed, the map would change in that direction!
  3. look awsome. Ill be back in game when they are released !
  4. The sandbags are nice though for cover. Perhaps give the sandbag some side walls or something !
  5. Very cool. Would enjoy to have these added to game. Maybe once they finish 1,36 finally..
  6. I read the forms and follow the game quite close even though I don't play anymore. The updates with new content have been amazing. But for me, what draws the line for my return is my squad mates. That is what made this game for me.
  7. 1. Rebuild the white church and white 2 floor multi house white building with current engine tools. 2. Add 1 - 2 more houses in the country side to all the towns to go along with the windmill and barn house. 3. Add ditches with water to the game. 4. Add 1 or 2 new kinds of tree and plant covers. 5. Remodel the older looking tanks to the same grafic quality as the Char in game. 6. add a raised trench PPO system. 7. Add the ability to repair tanks and trucks ect. 8. PPO placed flak and heavy MG guns.
  8. The shield actually did blow the view of the gunner in real life when it was aimed lower. Hopefully they can add both shield and none shield though. !
  9. Great work Rats !
  10. I just hope they add more rural buildings outside of towns!
  11. Don't add new toys. Fix and improve what we already have!!!! A new church and a couple more rural buildings to support the blown up farm house would be a good start!!
  12. Cool new content. The rats are doing great. I hope to be back in the new year playing again.
  13. Looks like world environment is winning! We have enough toys for now. What we need is improving the environment and the buildings!!!
  14. Wow. That sucks. Great times fighting with him. Will be missed.
  15. THe new tanks look sexy!!!