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  1. These settings should be added to the variey of other threads on Nvidia settings - I was amazed how much better the quality of the graphics were and still with quality.
  2. Thanks for the settings. Used them and went from 30-70fps.
  3. Do what Peege suggests on the opening thread
  4. I tried this but the regeditor doesnot find the quoted key.
  5. I have just gone from XP 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit - everything is fine except I get bad sawtoothing of graphics edges - In XP I went to Nvidia settings - set up a profle for ww2 and changed the antialiasing to 16x which fixed it - but it does not seem to work now - I am running the latest Nvidia Drivers for a GTX285. Any advice ?
  6. Just select Category defaults on left hand side with Tanks selected. The only change I made was to map gear selection to a couple of buttons on the joystick
  7. I have just had to scrap my x52 (poor wiring design internally - wire are chaffed and shorting out) and revert to my old sidewinder and have the same isues. I have got to the point where I can go backwards and forwards and turn but only slowly. Non tracked tanks (Pan, Dac) steer fine like the trucks, Tracked vehicles use track braking and a clutch to release - so you can map LH clutch inverse (ctrl, Xaxis mapping) and LH brake (xaxis mapping) - do the same for the RH side. Use ctr brake to stop - map inverse (ctrl, y axis) and pull back on JS stops vehicle. As mentioned - the only issue I now have is that its almost like brakes are 50% on all the time. Ill let you know if I figure it out.
  8. Yes - I have been using one for about 3 weeks and its very good. No issues to report - definitely bettter than my old LCD 19inch.