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  1. Several things (since day 1)... 1. Proper Armour to Infantry ratios forced on spawn. - Argument against have been a ) that you can't limit what people play - so instead you have people that play infantry being constantly camped by tanks and now no longer play (and by my accounts post you can see - I am one of those but still hope for the game) b ) that you can go spawn a tank to take care of those tanks - see a above. So I have to play armour because you play armour? Never made sense. c) spawn an AT gun - you mean the one where the door is always camped first, or the small one at the MSP that can't kill the mid/late game tank (depends on AT gun vs Tank obviously and location on tank)? d) I leave this point with a question - is this a combined arms game, or just a game with a bunch of equipment? 2. Area capping versus building capping - seeing this finally in some other games, it confirms this is the better approach (at least for me) - The issue with this is forced side balancing is required and has always been scorned by many in the community. How has over-popped side worked out - I would suggest many of the issues over the years - i.e. early breakfast club and others could have been resolved by forced side balancing. 3. A full pass back through infantry - (fix issues noted in bugs thread - camera POV, guns off centre, clipping out of buildings), - allow climbing over guard rails, onto tanks and other objects (within reason), - weight of weapons to speed variables i.e. MG, or Mortar man running same speed as rifleman). - introduce a true fear of death (limited tickets for spawns, upgrade equipment the longer you're alive - bonus for kills/capture, etc.) - I do note issues with this one - may be too hardcore for some players. - in game VOIP would really help - Some people don't want to use discord, TS or others. Give them in-game coms. - more cover/terrain - 17 year old engine - I get it, but we could have even more bushes/ditches, etc - And I note this is being worked on with new engine (well old/new engine :>) Finally not in game items, but things that may keep people away: - Community - some are awesome - some are downright vile, from calling people spies to insisting they sit in a building for 30 minutes to an hour or more when they just want to play, and then berating them because their style is different, or simply not including others because "the newb will ruin the plan". - The Players - this one is tough, but some of you are very, very good - 17 years will do that and I think that some newer players just get slaughtered - I have no stats, but I wonder if it plays in. I know when I occasionally come back for a bit, it takes a bit to get up and running, and I understand the game. As entirely new, it could be very confusing, and then you have many veterans. Can't really do anything about this other than trying to help them by teaming up etc. - Sorry have to say it. The cost. I just put out less than 2 months $ for X game (and you can put in several games for X) and enjoyed an immersive experience that I had always hoped this game would be (and most have mixes of the above). Ignoring the new / shiny and understanding that new shiny is easier than upgrading old sometimes. It is still a competitive market, and the cost is much too high for what is delivered. I don't like it. I wish and have for years this was THE game. I still hope it can be THE game, but I can't afford to support it. For me its $240 a year and if my son plays with me its double. For much, much less than that I can buy us several different games to play together. Sorry wish I was rich or could bring something useful to the team to volunteer. Regardless, I wish the team best of luck. There is a lot of work ahead I hope for your success.