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  1. Im having the same problems aswell. Gunna give the rats a little more time to figure things out. Im not happy with the way the game feels, looks sounds, the death delay. even the tank battles suck now with the super sherm. Day1 player might just be on the way out.
  2. When i log into game it says subscription locked and wont let me play...any ideas?
  3. Happening to me aswell.
  4. Just ctd at brussels myself.
  5. Didn't work for me. Just ctd again:(
  6. Ill give it a shot, just had my 1st ctd in months.
  7. Just played the game today for the 1st time with my new asus ENGTX470. I have everything maxed and im getting 70 fps resolution at 1680 1050. i5 750 oc 3.2. Its a totaly differant game, in good way, love it.
  8. Can i have a stuka aswell please.?
  9. Or anything i dont care.
  10. Ok here it is: I have a amd 64 3000+ msi motherboard rs420 i think i gig of ram kingston 6600gt video card drivers are 8421 realtek ac97 driver 510.05760 resolution is at 1024-768-32 shaders off vsync off sse2 off tried on no differance.16 sounds dithering is checked on vis limit medium, normal maps is checked on vis distance medium far. Now for the off line test. Spawned in had 68-70 fps went to range 75 fps 68 with binos rotated view stayed about the same 70 fps went dwn to 55 while looking at trees. Training server test. Spawned in got 45-50 fps dropped to 35 when looking at trees lol 60 while using binocs
  11. How long does it take after u change credit card friend just changed it, it say in history succesfully changed billing info but account still shows inactive?
  12. Thank you for your reply yea i just found out why..PATCH TIME.
  13. We were unable to find a patch file for your version of WWII Online. Please visit the WWII Online downloads page for the latest version. Thats the error i recieve when i try and play?.