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  1. So I've done this to the individual controllers, but for some reason it never occurred to me to try it with the combined controller after I run the TARGET script. It worked, The throttle works now. Unfortunately It broke the hatswitch on the flightstick in the process, but maybe that's an easy fix. More progress than I've had in a while though. THANKS!!!!!
  2. I've been trying for three days now to get my Thrustmaster TM16000m, and TWCS throttle working with the game, with varying levels of success. If I don't use the TARGET software, none of the buttons, or hat switches on the throttle work, but it does function as a throttle. If I setup just the throttle in TARGET everything works except the most important part, the throttle slider. So far, nothing I can do in TARGET will make the game see the slider. If I set up the Stick, and the Throttle in TARGET it breaks everything EXCEPT the throttle, including my CH pedals. Currently running Win 7, have all the correct drivers, and everything works outside of the game. Any help GREATLY appreciated!
  3. Anyone? I've done everything I can do at least twice, and internet searching hasn't turned up anything.
  4. I should have mentioned, I've been playing for years, I'm all set with the keymapper, just got some new gear that's not cooperating! I've also tried swapping USB ports around, and re-reading controllers. Yes, everything functions in Windows.
  5. Joystick is selected. Stick, pedals, and everything on the throttle except the slider are functional. Thanks!
  6. The standard "." key used for armor does nothing. Neither does my keymapped button I use on all other armor. I've scoured the keymapper, and pressed every button on my keyboard with zero luck. I can't see to drive!
  7. Thanks for replying, That's ridiculous... All of the other allied armour including the Crusader the SPAA is based on can zoom in at least enough to see out clearly. How the heck are you supposed to drive the thing? Is it an intentional nerf like the lack of plates shielding the gun crew?
  8. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I knew it was in the AA/AT section. I'm just saying that the zoom doesn't work for the driver. It works just fine for the gunner.
  9. I want to start by saying I'm a full pay player here so there's really nothing in it for me. Why not give the free to play people full equipment during intermission? Give them a taste of the good life, let them get a sample of what they are missing out on. It will most likely entice some to pay up. If not, is tossing them a bone two days every month or two really going to hurt you guys? It's a win win. There is no downside. The only rationale I can see is if it's a technical issue. Respectfully, fatsmacfly
  10. Staying alive should be required viewing prior to spawning in for the 1st time!
  11. How to "warp" 1. Spawn from a "warpable" FRU. A warpable fru is located between 400, and 500m of a captured/friendly Depot. You can tell if a fru is warpable by trying to despawn, and looking at where it is reserving your equipment. If it is warpable, then it will be returning you to a depot. 2. despawn. That's right, spawn into the fru then despawn immediately. 3. after you despawn click on ready room. 4. look on the right side of the screen. you will see a checkbox labled "MS available". It will be checked. you must uncheck it. 5. Spawn in again, you will have warped to the depot, saving you a jog onto town. (If you try to change equipment at any point you have to start again because your new type isn't reserved for you there. Clear as mud???