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  1. i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times but can't open, says no mfc140u.dll file, file missing. ran a fix and downloaded the game again, same error
  2. where is that located? found it
  3. I had trouble with the patch not going through kept saying readme.rtf to readme.rtf.backup failed, tried 4 times. so i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. now there is no link ( shortcut) on desktop, no like on wwiionline home page that allows me to click on to get in the game. put in an email for help on this but no solution yet suggestions? I am using windows 8.1 Pro
  4. note popped up ?
  5. humm
  6. ?????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. I want to bring up an old account for my grandson. why will it not allow me to use the " special offers " ?
  8. keep getting " file renaming playarc01 to playarc01.ww2backup failed " then the only way to exit this is via task master or restart the computer
  9. I downloaded 1.35 login to the game, it loads and when I get to the page to select US, British, French or German they all say SUBSCRIPTION LOCKED. under each persona it has " subscription locked; your subscription level doesn't allow access to this persona " what's this bull ****? I've had a paid subscription from the start of the game.
  10. after I load the game every selection in red lettered and says " your subscription level doesn't permit you -----------" what up with this?
  11. I've always said that I am the best route the axis have for ranking up, their kill stats go through the roof when I'm playing.
  12. Just entered the game 6 times and could not select a weapon or move as infantry. could not change gun positions in armor or AAA. what's up with this? I removed the game and did a total new download
  13. I have a Dell 630i, windows 8.1, creative sound blaster sound card, Dell speakers. once upon a time in our never/never land I could tell the direction sounds were coming from, ie: trucks, tanks, by simply revolving around and the sound would increase or decrease making it able to determine the direction. now I can not . all sounds remain the same regardless of direction and I have as much chance of locating the direction as a snowball has in hell. tried a pair of BOSE speakers with headphone connection, same results FB defense was a favorite when I could locate sounds but not able in last months thanks for your help