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  1. BTW, what are the victory conditions?
  2. I just realised that I can make this event...Sign me up for any position!
  3. I can't find any mention of this, so here's a new one. After playing in game for "a while" (i.e. never on start up) upon spawning in, my in-game clock starts jumping around, faster and faster, Until the in-game clock is jsut a random jumble of numbers. Not too bad except for the fact that the sun, sky and moon all change to reflect the time on the clock. This give me weird stroboscopic effects and makes the game unplayable. One other thing I just realised, it only happens when im in a vehicle or gun, never infantry. Radeon ATI 3450 with latest drivers AMD 64x2 5200+ 2 Gig RAM Win XP Home
  4. Not even remotely... Game is unplayable for me as I alteranate between reasonable framerates (20-40fps) and a slideshow every few seconds.
  5. OK, after two days of analyzing the ping record it looks like when I CTHL the ping number go WAY up accross the board; From an average of ~114 per hop to 3000+ per hop. What the heck does that mean?
  6. hmmmm.... As with Veubeah, all the test showed clean except the 23kb file. Does that mean that it's not the DSL? I wish I new more about this stuff
  7. Ever since th 1.25 patchI've had CTHL hell, almost exclusively with anything except infantry. I play with two computer running through a wireless router, and had problems with both computers. Intrestingly, I logged in while travelling and had no problems, which indicates the network/ my DSL provider. Being a total network noob, can anyone suggest what might be the problem, and any ways to diagnose the issue?
  8. Railrd, thats actually happened to me once. The current bug makes all the nearby foliage disapear so I cant tell if Im concealed or not! I guess these bugs go both ways.
  9. With the last patch, my laptop has become unplayable. What happens is that some building exterior walls dont render, allowing me only visuals of the window frames, and the interiaor walls. It also makes my weapon disappear when I exit the spawn (all weapons except regular grenades) and bushes and trees disappear when you get closer. I am guessing that these are all new textures (or somesuch) that do not render at high LOD, but I can't replace the laptop (don't think the IT group will spring for a new one so I can play games!) so i gotta figure out how to make it work with my ATI Mobility X300... Any suggestions?
  10. Runs away from Viper....