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  1. was in game..went CTD then trying to get back in it says subscription locked and wont let me in. rebooted down loaded game and still same thing subscription lock. My dues are paid and I been a good boy so whats up ?
  2. Wasn't too long ago (when I was KM CO) anyway vondoosh and i was out for a drive in a opel. i was sittin in the back, (my Drivers lic expired) chewing tobacky and spitting on the little wabbits in the bushes. Heading in the general direction of an allied fb. sun was shinning flowers were growin. pretty much a fair day. any way half way to the fb we come head to head with a laffy, heading towards our FB. well friends and neighbors the chase was on. The laffy does an about face and hauls arse in oposite direction. we were on it's heels. back and forth up and down, we dodgin and weavin. finally doosh catches up.. blocks its path and i hump out with my trusty LMG and shoot out the tail lights, then the tires. reload and walk up to the driver. Him setting there with a, oh chit, look on his face. I let him write a goodbuy note to his wife and someone else's children and then shot him.
  3. Crs

    ok ratpeople>> i paid fer ah name change and no change...Get out your majic mouse wand and make it happen (please and thanks)
  4. send your new pc to me..heh heh i will check it out for you Heh heh ( would a truckdriver lie?)
  5. OK so we had paras, (americans,) Allied used Para's ,Axis used Paras In WW 2. the question is Did the japanese use paras .. Or even have paras ? And don't just say yes or no. when and where did they use them..?
  6. Hmm i didnt know that , i thought they were scared of heights, Heh heh.. anyway thanks for the info S!
  7. when trying to log into training server all i get is black screen any answers ?
  8. microphone suddenly cuts off when using my Megalodon. Razer and Microsoft are aware of intermittent issues that may occur with the Razer Megalodon and users of certain Vista 64 bit systems. The most common issue will be your audio or your microphone cutting out. We are working hard to find an answer to this intermittent problem and hope to have a solution in the very near future. We know this issue is very frustrating for you and we are working hard to find the solution. We ask kindly for your patience as we try to remedy this issue for any of the affected users. Megalodon users with other types of updated operating systems are not affected by this issue. If you are using a Megalodon and are having similar issues please be sure your operating system has all the available updates installed. Vista users want to make sure that Service Pack 2 (SP2) has been installed on their computers.
  9. i got windows 7 and a 9800gt nvidia i had to go to battleground folder and click compatabilitymode, vista for it to work right kept freezing on game load
  10. The things I Do.. for world war 2.....hey im a bloomin poet
  11. OK after a conference with intel and computer manufacturer, I have to buy a better graphic card to resolve this issue. which in my case i have a nvidia 9800gt I can install but have to change the power supply to handle the card, which needs at least 400 w, in your case you either update your drivers and if that don't work then you will have to buy a better graphics card. as intel corp and HP stated that wwll needs this upgrade for wwll to work proper..
  12. I got the same problem... how do you fix this
  13. ok when grab a dd cant see forward windows are grey from bridge. vista home 3 gig ram
  14. few thousand, but peope dont troopers do
  15. lets see now HP pavillion amd 3300 2g ram sound blaster xfi sound card nvid 7600 vid logitec extreme pro joystick cable internet average 60 fps windows xp home
  16. this latest patch the one with the mortars.. well when being a rifleman lmg the weapon when used needs to be fixed.. i think when turning left or right the gun lags and does not turn at the same time it takes a second to point gun at where aimed. try it .. as when trying to face an enemy you get shot cause the gun dont get to where you aim it right away....doh
  17. ok so i bought new game name. tried to use it to sign in but dont work. after getting a new or changing game name how does one use it or get it to work for log in ? also if using new game name does one lose stats?