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  1. Ok I upgraded my ati drivers to 9-12_xp64 File version 8.681.0.0. 2X hd2900 pro's on win xp, q6600 processor. Game ran fine for about 1/2 hr. and then shut down. No error code's came up. This happened a few times and the screen would freeze but not at any particular place. I had the gpu's in crossfire mode so I turned it off and the game seem's to run stable at this piont. I'll test it some more to make sure that was the problem.
  2. I would but I don't have posting privleges. In the lower left corner it say's I can do everything except post attachments. Perhaps I have not created enough posts here. Kinda dumb in my opinion.
  3. Not sure if you folks at head office have posted this or not but I'd like too know what sytems your using for testing and thier configuration so that I/we have something to go on. I want to nail this thing in the butt and the only way of doing that is to find out what settings people had on thier vid cards at the time of the problem and game settings. I say this because some folks are not having these issues and some are and are using the same drivers.
  4. I am running winxp pro on a q6600 with 4gigs of ram, 2 sapphire 2900 hd pro's in crossfire mode on a maximus ii formula motherboard. I just finished rebuilding this machine so there are only to programs on it. Battleground Europe which resides on the windows drive and Flight sim x which is on it's own drive. I updated the driver again yesterday to 8.5 I believe and it ran stable for the duration of the evening. A couple hrs. These cards may be old but they are still very good. I'll play around with it some and see if I can get it to do it again.I'll post my results. That smartheap error really threw me though. Never had that before.
  5. ok I updated my ati drives so we will see what happens.
  6. I tried but it says I'm not allowed to post attachments for some reason.
  7. My game keeps crashing back to the windows screnn sometime right away and sometimes after a few minutes. I'm not sure what the heck is causing it. I have a Dxdiag file if that will help but I'm not sure how to post it. Please help.