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  1. Most of the time it is the user or their ISP. Always use a wired connection for FPS games, if you have to use wireless, disconnect other devices while you game and use the frequency that has the least connections 2.4GHZ or 5GHZ. <- 5GHZ has more bandwidth but if it has too low of a signal it will drop a lot of packets. 2.4GHZ will always reach further. Use a router that has QoS capabilities and prioritizes the game, especially if you have multiple users like people streaming on a TV! Make sure windows update is set to a time you do not game. Set a rule in your firewall that allows the game through. Turn off background apps while you play and set your video card to performance power instead of optimal in NVidia settings if you use it. Don't know about AMD. If you have a Cable ISP, your connection is shared with everyone on the block, think about using a fiber or telecom ISP if you live in a heavily populated area. When I had Mediacom cable I often had lag spikes and whatnot from their modem going bad on the pole outside. Call your ISP and ask if anything on their end jumps out as an issue, they can do tests on your connection and hardware to your house. IF your hardware can not keep up it will cause lag spikes too, your CPU is needed for internet calculations. If you have a dedicated ethernet card you can set most of the settings to run through the card, instead of the CPU. There are guides to tweaking ethernet cards, and most will tell you to turn of some offloading tasks. <- you will need to test to see if it makes performance better or worse. https://www.dslreports.com/ is a great place to learn about your ISP and connection setting, many technicians for many ISP's uses the forums and help people that ask a question! Speedguide has some useful tools but some settings can make things worse. Understand the setting before you change it, don't rely on the optimizer to set the best settings. https://www.speedguide.net
  2. 1. I expect them to be there, and they usually are, however, I have gotten lucky quite a few times and ninja the spawn even while someone sat upstairs. 2. They always guard the FB on their AO, I always expect one person to be there. 3. I find they guard the AB when it is hot 99% of the time 4. I do not expect to see an allied player in the city cp, however, they routinely check it before you can cap it. 5. They always bring a tank or 5 out to an fms. 6. If you want points to sit in a cp on defense, allies will come 1 after another. I've gotten 400+pt mission from killing over a dozen people while I sit in cp's to guard. 7. always expect at least one allied to drive to axis airfield and camp it 8. when attacking I rarely see them in depots that do not spawn. I tend to try to get my fms close to one of these depots to take it first in an attack so my guys can warp into town, but the city cp is still the least likely place.
  3. OR we could get rid of the fms and go back to trucking people in or walking 5 km.
  4. 2001 with my first account, was solo until I joined covet ops 10 years later.
  5. I haven't been on in a month, my last sorts I put all cannons and bbs into a db7 and it flew away, I ctrl alt delete closed game and haven't been back.
  6. It is back to the way it was before the steam release.
  7. Very well put Normal2!
  8. I don't want it to slow the overpop side down, just make the under pop side count as more of a person when capping. Give more weight to the individual capping to a percentage. so if it is just one guy at max underprop he/she counts as 2 people. make sense? when it is more than double overpopthen the Spawn Delay kicks in, when you reach max spawn delay then the overpop timer can begin slowing it down. Doing both SD and overpop timer at the same time is too big of a disadvantage.
  9. Is there a way to make it so cap timers make up for the fewer players like 100 on one side and 50 on the other - make it so it takes 2 people to cap as fast as one person on the underprop side, max on the cap timers! anything under that 100/50 then turns into Spwan delay like 100/25 would have the double effect and 30-second spawn delay. Then if it were less like 100/75 then the single person has the value of 1.5 people, so if 2 people were in the cp for underprop it would act as 3. Spawn delay with cap timers is making a mess unless it is extremely one-sided.
  10. I have fired an m249 while walking, in a previous post about this in the barracks I said I shot an M60 LMG while running in basic training which is even heavier. The M249 was live ammunition at a range and my Platoon Seargent had me give examples of many weapons as I was his driver at the time, I was walking up and down the range shooting 500 rounds at targets 50m away to show what happens when a barrel melts as I just got issued two new ones from the armoury, I wanted to see if I could still shoot expert, I did not, but I would have qualified if it counted, meaning half of my hits hit the targets. The target had 300m, 250m, 200m, 150m, 100m, and 50m, targets on one paper. The M60 was firing blanks, with Laser tag equipment, the blank adapter malfunctioned and shot out of the barrel hitting another soldier mid chest 50m away. We laughed our asses off and it can be accurate. Is it NOT common practice, but it is more than doable. You can doubt all you want but you sound like a bunch of whiners to me. I don;t even use the lmg anymore, but when I see a stupid post like this I am compelled to correct it.
  11. Seriously, all this is whining, the fact remains it is possible to wield a 30lb to 50lb lmg while jogging, I HAVE DONE IT IN REAL LIFE. Once you are trained in the military there are many things you once thought that was impossible you realize are completely possible. I have run 3 miles with 80lb ruck an M249 with 2 extra boxes of 200rnds up a [censored] mountain in S.Korea in under 28 minutes. if you think people can't carry one LMG that weighs max 50lb, you must be one weak person. Once you build up muscle you also become more accurate, training also builds muscle memory, The ignorance of this conversation astounds me. Trust me when I fire the German LMG in the game it is not accurate at all, The only reason you get a kill is like an SMG, it puts many rounds down range, hence the phrase "SPRAY AND PRAY!"
  12. DFire, It is part of the game, everyone does it without even knowing it, I was just saying why I started to mortar you instead of putting myself out there to get killed.
  13. That was me, lol, then the tank killed me. I watched them land right next to you. I just stopped playing. I kept marking you and telling people on my mission you were there and people still ran into you like dingleberries. btw nice clipping of the hill, I could see the end of your rifle but no head that is why I started to mortar you.
  14. I killed tanks all the time with my E1, You dive from their rear aim for the engine, it starts to smoke, eventually it flames and they die. I took out 2 crusaders with an E1 today as well.