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  1. I played 01-08 then off and on & off 10-14. Came back for this freebie June. I now remember why I left. Crap from HC. The game is more stable but the "leaders from the front" obviously never served a day. Take the fun out of the game and lead by no example. It's a game folk. Oh, and not worth the monthly payment. Same **** day in and out. Navy is basically pointless. Still no Paris. Frankly, it was more fun with the bugs in 01 without the technical BS. Personally, I would like HC if it was less large, with less bark. Close AO's in map marks that don't matter. Just not worth the 15 bucks a month to play. Love the idea, hate the result.Good luck....tried again but for the last time....
  2. Do you have any recommendations for a system that will work well for this game and not be obsolete in 1 year? Is dual core system even worth it at this time? I dont feel like like spending 2 or 3k just to play this game, which I wouldnt think I would need too. I was in game from 2002 to 2005 and looking to come back, but won't do so unless I know I have a system that will work well for a decent period of time (meaning I dont need to buy in a year, minus upgrades, which I want a system I can upgrade). I will be configuring a system and I dont need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, audio card, so minus that from the price. This system would really only be used for WWII Online and internet use, since I use a laptop for work and media. All help is appreciated. Thanks.