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  1. What is the problem? AB's and Docks and AF Bunkers can only be capped under a 10 minute hold of a CP. Can't find enemy FRU's fast enough with spies? Learn to focus on enemy FB's.
  2. Majhavoc, what unit do you prefer to multi-crew with?
  3. The game needs more HC applicants. No one is asking you to run the map the first day you are on, but when there are situations when pop may be low and NO HC are on, this can turn catastrophic for one side. A consistent HC presence makes all the difference.
  4. Let's get the game going again! 2 hours then game restart
  5. Hey guys, doing my best. EST from 11:30 roughly to 3:30 AM I was the only HC online. Tried to do what I could do. Need more applicants at this time zone. No one is asking you to take over the map, but the more in HC the better. I play to win, and that's what I want for the playerbase. Glacier
  6. Day one player here. I understand that there is a "rest" period for the HC to regroup for a following campaign. I pay to play the game, as of course all of you do to. Back in 2004 and previous there was a 6 hour "reset" of the map. I do not like intermission and never have. If it has to be 24 hours, so be it. But I think myself and the rest of the playerbase would like the map up and running.
  7. Well, that made sense.
  8. Same exact problem.