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  1. When will full install be available? I don't like patch updates....they usually do not work so I end having to fully install anyway, so where is it?????
  2. S! Town: Oostmalle Stug IIIG - 650M NW of N AB. M1 ATG comes out of AB veh spawn........immediately put 3 rounds of HE into him, yes, I know the distance exactly and can see the HE hitting him. ATG still alive, deploys and begins firing at me though bush. I still have his range few more HE into him and he keeps firing, so I put AP into him. I die to ATG, but in my AAR he is ded, should be ded and should not have killed me:- http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/sortie.jsp?sid=1532205&pid=568256&page=1 I cannot express enough how much the invincibility of ATG's wears thin on this tanker. Dying to death trigger iis infuriating.......I cannot do it in my tank, so I expect an ATG that has been killed to die. In reality the crew members of that ATG should be splattered into pulp, but my tanking experience just proves to be so annoying. The tanking side of the game is very frustrating IMO and has deteriorated due to sillyness like this. Please......do something about it, before I lose the will to bother loggin in at all to play. Regards AJ http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/sortie.jsp?sid=1532205&pid=568256&page=1
  3. I guess this is the same thing as when I'm tanking and my shots hit the tree, even though the barrel appears to be clear of the side of the tree? Very annoying and often ends in death even though you are in prime position if the tre was not there.
  4. As I remember it, my K/D did not change and AAR never appeared. Mission did not happen it would seem.
  5. lolz - moaning about the Brit gren............farking insult. get rid of it.
  6. Bump just for explanation why my stats not complete???/
  7. http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/sorties.jsp?page=1&pid=568256#content I had a mission yesterday with 13 kills as per AAR ingame, yet no mention of it on my stats. Sort it out.....I need every point to get me up the top tankers 100 list and this mission could be the difference. :-D
  8. Might be interested........but only if it descends into a drunken rave up and naked mud wrestling from our Swedish/Danish/Norwegian and Finish members. My money is on the Finns. Obviously, we English will stand watching with stiff upper lips, amused but aloft from the situation.
  9. lol......FRU's spawning EI in your FB inf tent. That is hilarious.....but slightly annoying for the FB owners. lol
  10. Very annoying when this happens.......especially when you have waited through a SD and then have to wait again.....or you are reacting to early EWS warnings.
  11. lol....that is funny. :-)
  12. Signed. This bug is both infuriating and liable to cause mass loggin, so either disable the damn thing or get it fixed. This really ruins SN's for us.