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  1. BEER!!!!! KGW - the best, fark all the rest. :-D
  2. AJ - God I wish I wassn't at work bump.
  3. Asa is actually my first name - true. So the ASA is actually me and is/or in worship of my fine skillz and handsome good looks. BUMP THE WIKING WARRIORS. Don't be ghey, join KGW today. :-)
  4. AJ1874 - Axis - STUG IIIG please Thanks for organising jammyman......sometimes feel unloved in meh PZ.
  5. Might be interested........but only if it descends into a drunken rave up and naked mud wrestling from our Swedish/Danish/Norwegian and Finish members. My money is on the Finns. Obviously, we English will stand watching with stiff upper lips, amused but aloft from the situation.
  6. Hurry and get it up before meh mum comes home and orders me to bed. lol
  7. It's farking annoying is what it is.
  8. I had this. Download and re-install the playgate launcher. Worked for me. :-)
  9. Bumpy mighty Wikings www.kgwiking.com