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  1. i run satelite aswell, 300-700 ping and get a steady 70fps ingame. i have dial-up at home and sat at work and the satelite is a little better than dial-up running wwiiol but tends to cthl a little more (once or twice a day)
  2. i installed the test exe and played 6+ hours fine, fixed my problem all together. installed to days patch and logged in and cthl...
  3. thx a bunch for the updates, i have been through this more than once with the big patchs in the past and your constant updates and responses to everyones threads this go around is great and makes this difficult time a little less difficult.
  4. nt compatability = cthl disable compatability = cthl disable sounds = cthl variuos different screen resolution = cthl
  5. i am running NT mode and all settings are on low, i average 45fps ingame pretty much everywhere except behind a 109 and the cthl's usauly follow a couple small stutters.
  6. still getting them and they seem worse, i finally broke down and sent in a ticket. i've been through this more times than i like to admit, i must be a sucker for punishment but big pat on the back for KFS1 for posting and letting us know they are aware and working on this problem. Edit: and since the patch i seem to hear a smoke nade land, i thought it was a glitch but last crash i noticed in chat that infact someone had just smoked a pnz a long ways away from me but the sound and the chat timed perfectly?
  7. thanks gnasche i have been trying setrank and everything i can think of and did a search on the topic and the popular opinion seems to be that there is no way to do it and the setrank dot command is a myth.. kinda eliminates 99% of the usefullness of the training server if all brigades are inactive and only a select few can post.
  8. i seen something posted about it but i am to lazy to search for it, how do you adjust rank on TS so you can post missions?
  9. i had similar problems back when 1.19 came out and i play on my dial-up (at home) and sattelite (at work) and i have to enable nt compatibilty on my home connection and disable it at work (or vice versa lol) otherwise i get connnection to host lost a lot, for the most part with the recent patches i rarely ctd. go to your program files in c: drive and open the crs file and run the "wwiiol_netcheck" and post up your results some of the guru's on here may be able to pick out the problem. and you can try setting your player limit to low (that alone helped me the most with my wonderfull internet connections)
  10. there once was this dumby that played wwIIonline on his uber p4 3.4gig laptop with a 256 ati vid card. this dumby has been noticing slower performance for a while now and has been through all his drivers and such many many times with no avail. so recently this dumby has had almost unplayable fps (3-8fps) and was ready to throw his uber laptop out the window and lite it on fire. so with no hope left this dumby approachs his friend for help, his friend promptly takes the laptop out of his hands runs into the garage and blows all the dust out of it and hands it back to dumby and tells him it is as good as new. dumby takes the laptop home and plugs it in expecting to see no difference, dumby was wrong.. very wrong. dumby's laptop now runs a steady 75fps and dumby has decided to blow the dust out of his laptop a little more often.
  11. all i can find for a send recieve measurement is "packets", i think my dial-up at home will tell me how many kb's are sent and recieved but i won't be home for a few days.
  12. here it is... does anybody know what kind of bandwidth this game eats up? i might be able to get a deal on a 100 megabyte per month connection and for all i know i could be using 100 megabytes in 15 minutes, i know what packets are sent and received but i was wanting to know how many hours roughly 100mb would last. any help? somebody must be smarter than me?
  13. i tried the catalsyt driver aswell and had the same prob, i gave up and rolled back. definatly post up if you find a solution i heard the catalyst was a good driver.
  14. i will check it out. why would they appear in the task bar 5 out of 10 times on restart if they are not already in the startup folder? i just checked my start up file and no they are not in there. thanks for the info.