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  1. When I try to start up the game I am getting a add advising me to renew this domain. I have no idea what this is about and need some assistance.
  2. That's a disturbing amount of bumps... least there's no whining in this thread
  3. Over the past two days I've read this entire thread, hanging on every word. You're lucky Tzu, to have met such a friend. Very impressive work on the Tiger and the diorama too. Just have two questions, firstly, what was his opinion of the rest of the wehrmacht. You've described his distaste for the SS, but what did he think of the rest of the army (or air force for that matter)? Secondly, what were some of his most memorable moments of the WWII period? Thanks for sharing everything you've come across, and thank Major Lindemann for tolerating the constant questions from us Gamers EDIT: Have you shown him the ingame Tiger?
  4. I am able to get to the rservation point but game will not let me enter after i hit 'enter world'. Anyone else got this problem?
  5. Got new G5, 2 Ram, 6600Nvidia. Works great until I spawn in - Maps, missions selection, vehicle selection, are fine. Once I select vehicle the information HUDs are fine but the in-game vehicle screen is grey. Any one have any suggestions.
  6. Things seem a little speedier for me, been preeeety ****tly for the last week but I seem to be able to join the game alright and stay on without Timing Out. Things aren't so bad anymore, too bad I barely play the game hehe... (PS I'm on iinet)
  7. I'm on iinet (Australia) and I'm getting a hell of a lot of lag, chat disconnects, and it took 2 and a half minutes just to load this thread. I haven't played the game in 10 months and it seems a shame that when I do decide to play, I can't get online...