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  1. Maybe something as simple as a Chinese language translation option for the website and in-game menu's might be a cost effective way to get those chinese players who would be willing to use the U.S. server? Let the few who do play now be the word of mouth liaison so no marketing required. Obviously building a translation algorithm into the chat box would be work, but at least the menu's could be converted without much time or investment.
  2. I think it should be tried once the flags are out of the game and were back to town based supply. Bump for opel/beddy rush time!
  3. Should have shopped in Paulaner.
  4. MC is awesome but its been broken for a while now...just gotta wait till they can get some coders to fix it.
  5. My grandpa wont talk about it, but my grandma told me he was a hitler youth. He was called to duty defending berlin at the end of the war. He's on his second bout with cancer now so I'm going to try and get him to open up about it before he is gone forever.
  6. Ok, I have the newest drivers (its done this on every driver set i've ever used). I have no clue how to check the video ram, and the temp is 45C at idle while sitting at desktop but gets up to 90C while under load. Usually in WWIIOL, it does not get over 55 because the darn thing wont go over 200mhz clock.
  7. I see, but since buying a new card is not an option at the moment, i'm just going to have to wait it out and deal with it.
  8. I noticed something odd, when i play most games my ati 4870 512mb card clocks to 750mhz, but when i play wwiiol my card only clocks up to 200mhz and I get really crappy frame rates. I also noticed some weird splotches randomly showing up across the screen, like tiny brown firecrackers going off randomly. Any suggestions?
  9. I just CTD as well and now I get "Connect error 10057"
  10. I bought the gold so I could play for life...some may call me a sucker, but the way I see it no matter how much I complain, or get stressed I have always come back to this game after a break since February 2002 when I first bought the box off a compusa shelf in the clearance section for $35. No other game has ever held my attention over such a time frame. My only problem now is playing more than I can afford time wise. As much as I would not like the idea of this if I was a monthly subscriber, there will likely NEVER be another game anywhere close to what this has the potential to be, look at the game industry, ALL they care about is money. While I cannot say for certain, I'm fairly confident that CRS is more interested in the product than the money. For them, money is not the objective of the WWIIOL project, yet is a necessary medium to their objective. I understand the complaints, by all means they are necessary for productive discourse on the subject, but please take a step back, breathe, and reassess. EA, codemasters, and the plethora of other producers and publishing houses out there don't care about content, all they care about is the $, just look at the corny cookie cutter games that "break the mold" out there; even when one does make waves its subsequently copied to no end. I fully support the WWIIOL project, and when I get out of my financial troubles, intend to buy another gold account.
  11. I have HC uniform now, I did not have HC uniform yesterday and I'm not in HC...
  12. hey bloo, i've been having a lot of connection to host lost issues the last few days and I just did a traceroute and found I cannot connect to the 66. server at all, I'll pm you the cmd line details, but what does this mean?
  13. gotcha, I'm running win 7 64
  14. gotcha, I've overclocked my cpu to 3.4, could go higher, got 4 gb ddr 800, I'm not sure what else I could do besides upgrade the gpu....going to have to save