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  1. what he said.. or she. not sure. But also if you got fraps installed, it all mongy backwards. Vid sets to f9 and screenie to f10 out of the box. So change them too
  2. Some mods can do it. But you will need to email MotorMouth. Or do we have a new HC liason officer?
  3. Didn't we go over this a few weeks back? Anyhow. Could be a while. The new intern may only have mastered coffee and still learning the code. Would need either a massive rewrite of the engines or a new one all together. Would need to port the entire game from OpenGl to DirectX 11+ Hope you used good paper, cause it gonna be sitting for a while. Best advice. Want to be able to push your CPU and GPU's fully and have an amazing looking game.? Go to kmart and buy one.
  4. AMD X6 1090T Black 3.2 8 Gig corsair 1600mhz 2 x GTX 470's Full eye candy. Nvidia tweaked at control panel for max graphics (32xAA etc) Not tried 64x yet, will have to come out of SLI for that. blah! Seems to be about the same as before for me, though only done 10 missions since last map. My last day in WWII Thursday now.
  5. Sounds like a colider issue? Didn't we have something like this some time back with a colider issue?
  6. Well I patch upgraded last night. No issues. Maybe the server is getting a beating from everyone downloading too? If still having issues, set it to upgrade as you go to bed? In the quiet hours?
  7. I upgraded from Pent Dual 3.2 4gb ram, ati 3850 512mb to...... AMD X6 1090T 3.2 Black Edition ASUS m4n98td-evo Nvidia SLI board 8GB Corsair 1600 2 x Gigabyte GTX 470's 1280Mb 500GB WD Black Edition (and a nice coolmaster case, antec power supply and 3 phase power to the house lol) It was..... how to explain. A cross between good alcholol, sex and the best drugs on the market. lol but seriously all games are now flawless. No jerky lag anywhere. I also tweaked my nvidia drivers and current running 32x AA. I could run 64X AA but would have to disable my SLI for that and run the cards differently. WWII not using SLI so I can set my cards differently for the game and still get benifit of two. But I normaly run around in SLI as I play other games that support SLI. But enjoy my friend, a whole new world awaits. Only down side. You got to get used to playing on a machine what will not jerk in game and feels smother. Kinda have to learn to shoot all over again.
  8. Take 2 asprin and call me in the morning. Going to give the patch a go tonight.
  9. Field Resuply Unit. Replaces the old Truck as a spawn point. You will see two large crates, one with a flag of either axis, french or brit draped over it. You can kill it as a rifle with a grenade. Or camp it up with your rifle and get some kills, they will soon remove it.
  10. make sure its selected and no default sound device. check BLOO's sticky above.
  11. Hi mate. I'm from Australia as well Yes we play with a nominal 220ping, thats life I guess but it is definately ok. If you think back a few years we couldn't even get them ping rates in australia, let alone over seas. I have been playing and subbed to this game since it came out retail in Aus in xmas 2001. 1. Sighting infantry This game you will find "feels" different to others, it does take some time getting used to. But the other way I found it hard going to another game such as black ops as people could sight me up to easy. When running around as inf, norm a sniper I will kill around 400-500m with no issue, just remember to alter you sights. I upgraded my computer a while back and now have a nice big HD LED and a few vid cards to play with. This made a major impact for me as inf. Tweak your settings on player limits, if you just select one of the three quality modes, this will alter but you will need to find a happy medium depending on your pc. The Vis player limit can be altered under settings. 2. Suppression effects (or lack thereof) We do have this in game. Depending on the unit doing it will alter the amount. If you are in a CP or Depot and get shelled by an ATG or Tank, you will get Suppression for sure, you go blury and the room moves. Try a depot that gets shelled by a DD, enough to make you fall off your chair. Inf can do this with grenades (effect differs a little depending on the inf persona due to different grenades). Being down range of a LMG you will hear the bullets hitting the ground around you and is normaly enough to make me get my head down. 3. Communication and organization Yup. This is purely down to the players and the HC and how they work together. You will find this at times is lacking and other times is great. There are dedicated channels used in game for squad coordination, Air, Sea and Land. Side channel to blow off a lil and OPS for important messages. Remember if you are on mission the F1 mission will only be vis to people on the mission your are on. F2 Tgt will be for all players on that target. (make sure you pick the diff between defending your FB or attacking the town). CRS host TS2 servers for players to use, both AXIS and Allied. And there are a number of other TS3 / Vent servers that some players / squads use. Hook up with a good squad, if you are aussie I would suggest the following. IF Allied hook up with the ANZACS, great mob of Aussies and Kiwi's that will help you out. If Axis I wouls suggest ANZAXIS or 3pzg, they too are a great buch and always willing to help out. Lastly. Getting a sub to the game will open up a lot more options for your personas. It is really worth it. I subbed to this game more than any other over the last 9 - 10 years. If you want to make a difference with the COMS and any ideas you have. Join up HC one either side, here you will get the chance to put some of your coms ideas into practice.
  12. There is a setting for memory. Can't quite remember what it is called. But its on you pref screen. Set it to the low mem setting. It is used for machines with less than 4gb ram. It's just a select on or off box.
  13. Nothing happened last month. I unsubed and got the email last month. Maybe you didn't complete the whole step? Or a post message from you pc to the web didn't make it. But the account system worked fine for me as it always has for the last 10 years nearly.
  14. Bit overpriced I think. My 6 core AMD 1090T 3.2 2 GTX 470's 1280Mb (gigabyte) 500gb WD black 8 GB 1666 DDR3 Trumaster Trupower 750w 80+ PSU with seperate rails, nvidia certified Coolmaster case. ASUS m4n98td-evo SLI board (nvidia chipset) Win 7 Home Premium 64bit LG 58cm HD LED screen Keyboard and good wireless mouse. Built it myself. Around $1400