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  1. Field Resuply Unit. Replaces the old Truck as a spawn point. You will see two large crates, one with a flag of either axis, french or brit draped over it. You can kill it as a rifle with a grenade. Or camp it up with your rifle and get some kills, they will soon remove it.
  2. Can never have enough rag doll. Lol I got some damn good screenies of people stuck in cracks after they fell of roof's n stuff.
  3. What were you two doing together at the same time to cause you both to CTD
  4. Lol don't ever ever ever ask what he had to do though. (shudders)
  5. Not sure if it suposed to happen but bit weird. Logged in and created a mission. Spawned french inf in Ab. Emptied 1 clip and it auto despawned and I got the below. It happened as I switched to binos and move with them up.
  6. Still works. Make sure you have Alerts enabled under your chat preferences under HUD ALERTS.
  7. I saw a patch for that Its called Windows 7 ***All my ideas are PC *** Sorry. Couldn't help that one. They looked after me. Dinners, free laptops, free full versions of Win7.
  8. Ok update... Oh morning all S! This morning I have got back on the XP chipped machine. Now what I have done is the following. After getting the game to run as my above post last night I set the "In Game" Settings to Performance. This morning I have reset the setting on my Geforce Control panel back to "let the 3d app decide". I also deleted my wwiiol.xml , ww22launch and www2_log files to start clean again. Well the Athlon XP now runs the game with the video setting letting the 3d App decide, just like before. Running in performance mode offline the mache is getting 28fps in the inf spawn and 48 - 52 when I walk outside. Nice! Thants an increase of around 10fps from what I could achieve before with this machine. I will now re-tweak my in game setting as per normal. So in all, looks like the XP works as well. And here is the proof from the log. v_name: AuthenticAMD model: AMD ATHLON family: 6 model: 10 stepping: 0 feature: 0000000b yes _CPU_FEATURE_MMX yes _CPU_FEATURE_SSE no _CPU_FEATURE_SSE2 yes _CPU_FEATURE_3DNOW os_support: 0000000b yes _CPU_FEATURE_MMX yes _CPU_FEATURE_SSE no _CPU_FEATURE_SSE2 yes _CPU_FEATURE_3DNOW checks: 0000000f Launched ww2_x86 And here is my xml file for the game.
  9. ************ Somthing to be aware of though doing this ******** Doing this does what it says... It no longer lets the 3D app decide... WWII for example. Setting this manualy now may result in not realy any difference when changing your video / performance setting while in game and restarting the game. At full bickie! This old XP got me 18fps. I chucked it back to the Balanced Option in the Nvidia control panel and she pumps out 30fps..... Playable and the graphics look good. Cya... off to bed now
  10. Ok as promised I have just booted up on my Athlon XP machine. XP 2800+ 1.5gb ram MSI board yada Geforce 6200 256mb Audigy Live xfi sound. It did what is reported above....After initialising Veh models it crashed to desktop just before it was about to load the main page (tested off line too and the same). Downloaded latest nvidia drivers and same behavour. Ok FIxed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO ON THESE OLDER XP CPU's and GF cards. _____________________________________________________ Go to your video card setting using the nvidia control panel. The easy way is here, more advanced users may wish to play more.... 1. select Adjust image setting with preview. 2. Uncheck "Let 3D application decide" 3. Select "Use my preference emphasizing" You may use it at best quality, I did and tested in all three settings from performance up. Launch the game again and after the veh models initialise it will take you in game. DOC......... DO you wish me to send you the logs from when the machine when to desktop after Initializing Veh Models from when it crashed??? Pm me an email to send to if you want.
  11. If I do find anything needed like a driver change etc. I will let you know and either post here or give you a PM. Either way I will let you know how it goes and the specs of the machine used.
  12. I have an AMD XP chiped machine at home. I will log that one in tonight and let you know if mine is fine. Never had an issue with it so far, I use it for my 2nd account.