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  1. I hope it's fixed *soon*.
  2. STOP!! You need to leave this to a PROFESSIONAL!! (What the he11 is a PB anyway??)
  3. Doc7, It looks like you've been around for a while and should already know that the Mac User Base for BE is extremely small. I think that it used to be much larger and much more active, but nobody has ever released Mac vs. Windoze user numbers. Somebody did a guesstimate one time and figured that we numbered below 500. There's no way that there are even 100 of us left here anymore. I was in the 2nd Beta group in 2002 and truly appreciate that CRS actually put forth a game platform for my beloved Mac...there weren't then and there aren't now that many great MMORG games out there for us. The other crap out there will never be as immersive. We are but a blip on CRS's radar and, if it weren't for Ahwulf, I'm not sure that there would be a platform anymore. Weren't you around for the horrendous shouting matches at poor old Gophur about the 1.16-1.19 sound bugs? Don't you remember the WEEKS that went by with no response from CRS? This ain't nothing and, through Ahwulf, we do get a regular and insightful response. If he doesn't know what's wrong, he speaks right up and tells us. I appreciate a response more than anything as I had stopped paying/playing because of the lack of response (on top of having an old G4 tower that I couldn't upgrade anymore). Anyway, I'm glad as hell that I have a fast Mac now and can play again. Yep, the sound sucks, the mouse has a bug, the chat system is FUBAR, my joystick hat-switch sticks, and my FPS took a nosedive in 1.30 -- but I can play and I love this game.
  4. Sorry to hear about your Mom, Ahwulf. Sometimes, all you can do is just be there... Take Care!
  5. Just reporting a MASSIVE FPS drop. My setup is as follows: 3.06 iMac 512 MB nVidia 4 GB RAM OS X 10.5.7 I put everything at the lowest settings at average no better than 10 FPS. In a town it is 4-5 FPS looking in any direction. (sigh)
  6. I'll be patient and do the BOOTCAMP thing.
  7. Is the Mac version coming later? I don't see anything for our platform in ftp://downloads.wwiionline.com.
  8. The old sound was pretty uber. You could actually hear tanks on the ground when flying. It was directional and spatially positional. Those were the days.... You know, Gopher never was really able to explain what happened to those sounds. It was one of the reasons that I dropped out of BE for so long.
  9. It helps to have a wheel-mouse with the map.
  10. It went away...I was afraid that it was one of the fixes they did for the net.
  11. This is really weird. I can load the program and it gets to the "Brigade" screen to pick a Persona. But, there are no personas listed and cannot get past it to spawn in game. No crash - No nothing Is anybody else having this problem?
  12. LOL! Yeah, I saw them too. Even commented to ahwulf about their presence when we were both online one day. Maybe it was the deletion of the waving flags that zapped our FPS?
  13. Thanks for the comments ahwulf. Are you sure the sounds run the same way on a G4? Cheers, now that is just damn depressing for top-of-the-line machine. That is almost identical to my G4.
  14. Folsom, I'm even lower spec'd out than you. It was better in 1.19.4, but ALAS!!
  15. If I post my specs...you'll tell me to get a new machine!! G4 867 MDD Dualie ATI 8500 64 1.5 GB RAM OS X 10.4.2 The machine is old, I know, it was just running so well under 1.19.4 and now runs so poorly in 1.19.5. Almost everything is set to minimal specs: 800x600 (millions/120 refresh) Max Sounds = 16 (3D Quality = low) Suppress EVERYTHING LOD's both checked Shadow = 0 Visual Distance = Near HUD = Off Texture Reduction = On (nothing else checked on that screen) Radial Density/Radius = Low/Near Visible Player Limit = Low Trees High Detail = Near Trees Low Detail = Near Tree Resolution = Low Tree Vertex Shader = Off