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  1. Saw the names on the kill list, you know I had to keep comin back for more LOL (and the low cloud deck didnt hurt either)
  2. Good Squad, Good People Lots of Fun
  3. I was experiencing all of the cell host errors every single spawn, so I uninstalled the game, did a full download, updated video card drivers, then set details to low, and visible inf to low, and have not had a error since. I know that is a patch work fix, but the game is playable and to me the difference isnt really that noticable
  4. I pulled out two 1 gig sticks of ram and installed 2 2gig sticks, that was the only change that I did
  5. I just recently upgraded my ram from 2gig to 4 gig and now am getting the above error while playing, I get screen flashes until finally the game crashes. Any suggestions?
  6. Learn the game from some of the best players around, and above all have fun 23rd
  7. Simply one of the best squads, come check us out, run with us for a night or two and draw your own opinion
  8. I have tried all of the suggested fixes, and cannot or should I say wont play with FPS in the teens with drops down to 2 or 3 fps. Any word on when this might be fixed? Before patch I was in the mid to high 20's, as inf.
  9. Back to the top with ya
  10. 20+ players this last weekend, Tanking, Flying, Infantry.....we do it all! S!
  11. A committed group of players here.... or is that a group of players who should be committed??
  12. Enlist today.....see the world........
  13. Back to the top