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  1. Sign me up for infantry. Any unit.
  2. Big battles are much more CPU intensive than video card intensive. I recommend you set the visual limit to medium or low.
  3. $2k aint exactly 'cheap' Vista Home? ugh, I'd rather have windows ME AOL edition.
  4. Try this. Click on the town to view overhead map. http://battlegroundtools.com/current_map.php
  5. Its possible you have the move settings bound to a different or nonexistant joystick. WWIIOL supporsa multiple joysticks, use the in-game keymapper to assign commands to the right stick.
  6. I recommend uninstalling your video drivers, then run drivercleaner in safe mode, then reinstall drivers. Afterwhich install ATI tray tools. (Look on guru3d.com) set auto-balanced settings.
  7. If you want the best CPU (of the two) exclusively for this game at stock speed, I'd prolly say the AMD. The intel chip may give you slightly better performance with other games. The best overclocking chip would prolly be the e6400 though because of its lower FSB and smaller cache. can overclock it by 50% easy. I doubt that the e6420 will be nearly as overclockable though. same price.
  8. By default your input is set to a premixer that Creative like to call "What you Hear" Do this: Open your Creative Mixer software that came with your card (not the windows mixer) Find your input, It may look like an ear icon. Click on it, and select Microphone. Now try TS
  9. You are in a tough position oilbrner. You can upgrading the RAM would definately help a bit, but you are at a dead-end with processors and video cards. You could upgrade to a decent card for $100 and get another replacement CPU for another $100 and up your RAM for $60 and then you would have maxed out your platform's upgradeability and would get marginal improvements. Instead, you can get a new AM2 platform AM2 Mobo: $55 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128045 Inexpensive 64 bit CPU you can upgrade later: $55 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103637 2G DDR2800 mem: $85 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231098 Cheap PCIE video card that will run WWIIOL well and you can replace in a year. $55 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102080 That is $250 for new platform with new technology that you can steadily upgrade even three years down the road.
  10. I have a Sapphire x1900gt (from newegg) that is drawing crazy shapes and messing up textures. I have a hunch that it is a video memory problem because it doesn't cause the game to crash, just creates strange looking objects. Underclocking seems to help a bit. I have never overclocked my card. Card temp never goes over 55c at heavy load. (40c idle) Is it dead? Anyone got a spare PCIE video card?
  11. Unfortunately, in order to upgrade you processor, you'll have to upgrade your motherboard as well. Better try to get the most out of it. The other posters are right. Memory is pretty cheap now; prolly your cheapest, most cost-effective upgrade. You want at least 2GB. Upgrading your sound card could help with some of the CPU load. (and give you better sound) Audigy2 ZS is good bargain. Graphics card will help you in other games, but not so much in WWIIOL. Nvidia 7600GT is a good bargain.
  12. I feel sorry for those who spent $450 on the 7950 because they basically paid $200 for a tiny bit of extra performance, only to have it obsolete by the 8800GTS for $259 a year later. Same deal for the 760MB 8800GTX cards for >$500. It is just a tiny bit faster and will be outpaced in a year by $200 cards.
  13. Your video card will make little difference in this game. (as long as it was made in the last three years). x1600gt or 7600Gt is a good price point. WWIIOL is mostly CPU intensive, although it doesn't take advantage of multiple-cores very well. Quad core is a waste, but a core2duo e6300 or 6400 will do very well. Run the game on one core, and everything else (fraps, TS, etc) on the other.
  14. I have an X-Fi and its way overrated, and still has some driver problems. Audigy2 Zs is a great bargain right now.