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  1. S! Keysie, Though I did not have the pleasure of knowing you, I get the strong impression you contributed greatly to the community. Thanks, and may you rest in peace. My condolences to her surviving friends and family. Tod
  2. Whatever you decide to do, Wolfy ---> You're welcome in our community. Your post has stimulated a good discussion on the subscription tiers and so thank you for making it. If you see me in game, say hello and I'll help you with anything you need. S!
  3. It's a friendly bunch from all over the world. But the CO is an Aussie and owns the website. We have a European and a Pacific division. It's pretty well structured!
  4. S! WWIIOL/Battleground Europe community, Like many of you, I get my gaming jollies in more than one game. I've played World of Tanks, War Thunder, Armoured Warfare and many others. No other game comes close to the game play of WWIIOL, in my humble opinion. Recently, I teamed up with a clan who play a variety of WWII games and I told them about us. They're very keen and we're setting up a night to come and get them involved. I'll be setting up a squad called "WolfPack" or WFPK in game. The time is still yet to be specified, but I imagine this weekend or next seem likely at this point. If you'd like to know more about Wolfpack here is their website: If you see the WFPK tag, say hello and welcome them in. S! Todberg
  5. Teamspeak is useful in squad-based play when communication protocols are established and enforced. It's also a good place to chill out and meet people from the game. You get a better sense of who someone is when you talk directly to them, and for me that is important. It definitely enhances my gameplay and I almost always use it.
  6. I would support the following: 1) Subscribers (exl F2P) have the option to commit to side each campaign. Once they have chosen a side they cannot play the other side until next campaign, where they chose again to opt in or opt out. Those players are automatically given Axis secure, a points bonus and the ability to create missions in any branch, regardless of rank (rank still applies to equipment -- has to be a reason to grind). Perhaps a special decal could appear on their vehicles, like the builders, "Hard core Axis" or "Hard core Allied" with a fancy crest an in game icon with their sides symbols? This lets other players know straight away who they are. I'm sure others can come up with other incentives, something better than my ideas perhaps, but something to make them stand out and want to commit to a side. Something to give them pride. CRS, care to chime in here? 2) The rest of the player base can come and go freely as per normal. I think this is a good compromise. It might be risky to apply side lock to all players from a business point of view, as some players love the freedom to play all the different equipment in a nights gaming -- option 2, and there are players that love the team aspect and want to play with the same guys all the time -- option 1. What do we think?
  7. Who are Axis? I'll try answer that as clearly and succinctly as possible: The squads and players who have committed to a full campaign or more at the present time. The core of Axis is the dedicated Axis only squads, a few hardcore lone wolves and the high command. People come and go. Some of us cycle more rapidly between sides than others. Others leave the game and come back often. Some of us can't get enough. Personally, I consider myself a community member first and side player second. Others will feel differently and there is room for all sorts of points of view on this.
  8. Just reformatted the Laptop and reinstalled game. Sound does not work. Apparently this is often an issue with Direct X. Thanks Todberg
  9. Postivisish
  10. Noted and amended.
  11. S! Buckeyes, In recognition of his long career as a player on World War Two Online: Battleground Europe, we present to him on behalf of the entire community the very first Ewige Treue (Forever Loyal) award. "This award is only to be awarded posthumously to fallen Axis Soldaten and Officers, whom kept on fighting up until their last breath. This award stands for their continued promotion of the values we stand for: "Treue, Ehre, Loyalität" up until their death. The recipients are held in the highest honor by the Players of the Axis. Issued on 11/28/2015 in rememberance of buckeyes who passed away on 11/21/2015. Buckeyes, wir hatten einen Kamerad in dir." ~ Major A. Solyom We will all miss you. S! Todberg Axis CINC
  12. S! Tony, I sent you a private message. S! Todberg
  13. Timings are confirmed. Hope to see a big turnout. Details will be released closer to the time.