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  1. Hi, I am having a problem where threads keep disappearing from the forums. Anyone know how to fix it? I have tried bookmarking threads but they are still gone when I try to go back to them later. Dxdiag
  2. That red square in the middle of the square does that show where software will increase the sensitivity as you get closer to the end of throw of the stick or is it just for show? If I want non of that filtering should I move it to the left or right?
  3. What colour is it?
  4. Gimme a Stuka.
  5. I just read that Panzer Commander by von Luck. It was OK but I wish he would have been more like Montgomery.
  6. What colour does it come in?
  7. The first rule of banned club is you do not talk about banned camp.
  8. Die Praktikantin Sauereien Gnadenlos Pervers bis in den Arsch
  9. Err... Not all of them. There are some quality german films that are dubbed out of synch in german
  10. Looks like a cool movie but it aint in Scandinavia
  11. Ahh well. Atleast its not our screw up then