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  1. A chat lock upon death would be cool to keep the realism but it wouldnt stop people from chatting on TS......not sure on this one but I have to support the white skulls for a bit until a better system comes about
  2. U got it....gonna check it out ....ty Jphartt! You rock!
  3. Man Im really sorry to hear Prayers sent out to his family... S!
  4. Question for ya Devs out there...... Are the Builders accounts still available? I was looking to do one but cant find a link.Any suggestions?
  5. Awesome scenario and with aerial photos . This should be a blast. Good luck everyone!
  6. The mountains are amazing now! One of the photos I saw same post showed some cliffs as well...Way cool. Big salute to all you developers.
  7. Should be in 4 mins according to what Ive seen...but not exactly sure
  8. Is there a way to get help getting my teamspeak up...I had it running at one point a long time back I go to find my old password and it says ERROR.......And now I cant get ahold of any help .....what gives.....been playing now for 3 years an love the game but everytime I go to use TS with it I have issues signing in etc........ feel free to email me or add to this post....Sharples
  9. DUDE...IM SO EMAILING YOU A BEER! it worked
  10. How do you upload a custom avatar for use in forum?
  11. I tried as well...i was all excited because I hadnt played for a its 1 month and a day dammit LOL
  12. Just wondering...I just came back in country(US/Texas )from being overseas (I cant play on laptop , but I can at home) and I heard they were coming into play but was wondering when?? I want one..I want one..LOL:D
  13. I am a newbie when it comes to TEAMSPEAK....Here's the deal...Ive downloaded teamspeak and what? how do I incorporate it into the i open this program first ..then open the game or? I belong at the moment to a help...SHARPLES