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  1. How about a direct link to the exact d/l you are referring to Bloo:) I just tried 2x to do the d/l of the "latest update" Still get the same error message. Am I to understand we must to a complete reinstall again? WoLfXx
  2. how do I do that and what should they be? WoLfX
  3. HELP!!! I just moved and reset up my pc. Now for some odd reason Teamspeak will not connect to server on ANY channel that I previously used. AND when I try to go into game I can login and select campaign but when it starts to load I get message unable to connect to game server. I am at a loss except possibly when trying to fix my TS (which I had first prob with) I accidentally clicked a button which cleared all SSL cache. I have a feeling this may have created the main problem for the game but not sure. IF anyone can contact me via email at LNGBRD7777@aol.com I can give em my cell phone and hopefully get past this.....PLEASE!!! I really want to play some this weekend so if anyone can get with me tonight (sat) I would really appreciate it!!!! WoLfX
  4. WOOT!!! I am here to sign up in whatever capacity you would like to place me Lex!!! GL!!! S! WoLfXx