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  1. Are you using motherboard sound ? That can cut heftily into your fps as well. Disable all sound in ww2ol setup and see if it makes a difference.
  2. Asus 8800 GTX, but there is also Crysis..EVE, Fallout 3 to play.
  3. Getting this nagging feeling I'll probably get more bang for the buck by upgrading the 8800 GTX Gonna wait till all the gfx card refreshes hit the shops and take a hard look again at all the options.
  4. Currently running a C2D E6420 @ 3.2Ghz on an Asus P5K deluxe. Will this motherboard support an overclocked E8400 ?
  5. Save up instead. Can get remarkable performance these days for your $. I had an overclocked XP 2600 which I upgraded with a new PSU and an ati 1950Pro, and I wish I had spent it on a new PC instead, which is what I did 4 months later.
  6. Phenom II's should hit 4 Ghz.
  7. How about investing some of the MB and RAM cash into a nice Soundblaster Xfi soundcard ?
  8. Soundblaster Xfi for audio ( make sure its a hardware audio variant) GFX card depends on your budget and your PSU. Ati 4850 would be my first impulse. Memory is a bit of a problem, with a 32bit system yer limited to 3.2GB - gfx card RAM. So while you could get a slight amount of extra RAM available its not really that much more.
  9. http://discussions.playnet.com/showthread.php?t=240792 Its a driver issue, laptop makers botched up the last driver.
  10. Have fun while blurring out the inf sneaking up on you.
  11. The budget PC market its kind of deadlocked though...the ultra cheap intel "crippled" C2D's do perform in the same league to their cheap AMD rivals. With prices for AMD AM2 mobo's consired you do get a $ benefit over Intel. Overclocking can change the performance crown in the budget price range, but still not the price differential. Best off using that price difference to get a slightly more capable GFX card.
  12. Other than dont "invest" anymore $ into this system ? Nice to see that you did get some benefit from you upgrades though.
  13. I think he's running WIMAX, not adsl or cable.
  14. Darg nails it. with 4GB RAM installed you would have 2.7GB free to play with. ( 3.2Gb - 0.5GB on your 4850 gfx card ). Limited to 2GB per application though....32bit OS weakness on both accounts.