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  1. Nevermind. I exited the game and restarted. I appear to be able to login as normal.
  2. I logged in and all of my personas have red locks next to them.
  3. I am also trying to launch WW2OL through Steam and have had the same problems. Anyone out there figure out how to do this?
  4. Rarekind, I have a similar system to you (i7, 8800GT SLI, 3GB RAM...) I play at 1600x1200 with all visual settings maxed. Before the patch, everything was great. After the patch, I experience incredibly long load times when the game first loads and the first few times that I spawn in. During this whole time, my hard drive is running like crazy. In-game, there will be long pauses where I am definitely under 1 FPS. However, this only lasts the first 5-10 minutes that I am in-game. It seems that once everything loads, I can play for several hours with silky smooth framerates that never go below 40. Is this similar to what you are seeing? To deal with this, I do the following: After I first login, I will go spawn at some rear area town and just sit there for a few minutes. Then, I will go spawn into a hot town and just spawn a rifle and not move for a few minutes. After that, I only see a very rare occasional hitch. Since I don't see lots of people posting the same problem, I figured it might be related to having all the graphical settings maxed. I imagine there are not too many of us that can do that. I considered trying to turn them down to see if it would go away, but I just haven't gotten around to it.
  5. I have an i7 920 with 3GB of OCZ 1600 Mhz RAM. I got it in January. I have EVGA's x58 MB and a pair of Geforece 8800 GTs. (I will upgrade when I need to.) It all runs on WinXP. (I will upgrade when I need to.) It's air cooled and I have it over-clocked to 4.0 Ghz. The RAM only runs at 1200 something. When I push it to 1600, the system becomes unstable. However, I have not noticed a difference in performance between the two RAM settings. Also, I run this on a Corsair 550W power supply. Don't let other people scare you into buying a humongous power supply. Just make sure you buy a quality one. In WW2OL, I run at 1600x1200 with everything turned to max. I even have Vsync enabled. I run mostly at a steady 85FPS (the refresh rate of my monitor). If I turn off VSync, it will spike up into the 3-400 FPS range. In a really busy firefight with lots of people around, it might dip into the 40s. But that is pretty rare. I think I saw it go into the 30s once, but I cannot remember for sure. Needless to say, I think the system described by the OP is a good one.
  6. I was getting the same "missing font" error that many others were getting. I finally tried uninstalling/reinstalling and it worked. I got into game and ran 1 mission as a rifleman in Namur. I think the whole server was there.
  7. I get that too now.
  8. I am still getting: Server: v0.0.0.0 Local: Not Installed
  9. There are a number of us on the AHC TS that have the same connection issue. However, there is at least one guy here who says that he is in game and there are other people in there as well.
  10. Cool! Man, that cockpit looks sweet. The whole reason I asked this question in the first place was because of this device: Triple Head 2 Go I thought it would be great to have with WW2OL. It would make flying a whole lot easier. Has anyone heard of this? Tried it?
  11. Understood. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Cut? I don't understand. What does that mean?
  13. Does WW2OL offer support for 16:9 resoultions? If so, does it just stretch to fit or will it actually show me a wider FOV if I use a 16:9 resolution?