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  1. 3 vs 15 right now... and people still play axis and take towns,... there is no hope ..
  2. Today in Beauring i had an evil enemy lmg shooting from a 3rd floor window. Tried to kill him from the front with rifle with no luck, he killed me with ease , even then i tried to flank him, and all i saw was the barrel, no ei behind it. Finally i ran around and got up behind him, getting up to the 3rd floor, intresting enough the ei was behind the wall, not the window so in my view he was clipping, question for me is how did he do it, tried myself to replicate it but no luck, maybe some other guy out there could share some light on to it to fix it.
  3. Today, during one of the many camps we encounterd an unkillable bofors. This player had been killable earlier in a bofors according to the logs, so i dont belive theres intended cheating in anyway. I have seen it before several maps ago, bofors just sitting in ab, tanks shooting at it and still just spin around killing everything killable in range until it runs out of ammo. So my question is, why is this happening to the bofors, is there something with lag ?. updates ? or just the really bad dmg model on that unit ?