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  1. Hi all - happy to say Bloo got in touch and sorted this all out for me completely - thanks very much to everybody who helped! Ozy
  2. Hi Hardcase - the payment was made through credit card, it wasn't a postal thing. It definitely went through okay. Game has just started letting me in again, so thank you to whoever sorted this out for me! David
  3. Thanks! It would just be nice to hear something from them and not just get ignored for 3 days!
  4. Yup - ozy77 is my member name and game name My old trial a/c had ozy1977 as member name and ozy06 as game name I've tried all three numerous times and none of them work! I hope someone sorts this out before they go home for the weekend, else I'll have lost already almost a week of my first month's subscription.
  5. The exact message is "We were unable to verify member name and password. Please try again." But when I log into my account everything seems fine, credit card accepted, gamename is ozy77 - i've even reset my password and it still won't work. Anyone know of a phone number I can call?
  6. It kicks me out to my browser - the webpage says "unable to verify username or password" It does this with both my trial and my subscription a/c. I've tried everything I can think of - reinstalled the entire game including Playgate, but still no luck.
  7. PS does anyone have a phone number I can call their customer service at? I really want to get this sorted out today before the weekend!
  8. I've now been locked out of the game for more than THREE days since I decided to purchase a copy and sent in my first month's subscription. I'm playing along with my 30-day trial, think this game's great, I buy a copy (£25) and then spend my $15 for the first month - and what happens? They shut down *both* my trial account and my new game account and shut me out of the game completely! I sent messages to CRS Customer Support on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON - and emailed Bloo, and sent in a Support Ticket which is STILL UNOPENED. Nobody has so much even written to acknowledge my emails! Its three days later and it still won't let me in. What on earth do I have to do to get their Customer Service to sort this out!?! I just can't understand why the game would let me in when I had a trial and had paid them nothing, but once I shell out my forty bucks it locks me out completely and I go 72 hours without response from their customer 'service'. I'm not normally a type to sound off like this at all, but this is just ridiculously frustrating! Can somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sort this out for me? My username is ozy77 and my email is pondersomething@gmail.com I'm just so tired of waiting, at least let me know what's going on, don't just not reply to any of my emails!
  9. The burning smell was definitely not a good sign. Especially if even Windows is now behaving erratically for you I would say it's definitely a problem with your motherboard (regardless of what your store said) I would almost go so far as to say its not wise for you to be trying to run applications on a dodgy fan - you will probably end up doing far more stress and damage to it. I would take it to a dedicated computer repair shop and explain the problem - if they try to say everything looks fine ask them how come Windows is running dodgy? I don't think its a driver or a software problem - it definitely strikes me as a hardware issue. Good luck!
  10. Thanks, lol, guess I must have been unfortunate. Well I'll take the fact that the forum is letting me in now as a good sign, keep my fingers crossed, and hopefully it'll be letting me in by this evening - weekends are always the best! David
  11. Well it's been over 48 hours now and I still haven't heard a word back from anybody, not even an acknowledgement of the emails I sent, or the support ticket I sent in on Wednesday which is still sitting there totally unopened! Lots of friendly advice on here for which I'm thankful, but absolutely zilch from CRS Customer Support. At least you'd think they could acknowledge my letters! *sigh* At least I can log into the forum now, just still locked out of the game! Its crazy, I'm happily playing away through a 30 day trial, think "this is great, i'll go and pay up", I cough up my £25 and my $15 and they promptly lock me out of the game completely for over 2 days!! I cant even get in with my trial account!
  12. Bloo- can you please sort my account out as well? I signed up and paid up over 2 days ago now - wrote to your guys customer support 48 hours ago and have heard nothing back at all! Nobody in your customer service could even do me the courtesy of acknowledging my message, let alone fixing the problem! I've been locked out of the game for 48 hours now! Can you please please please get this sorted out before the weekend, otherwise I'm just gonna give up, it seems like a lousy way to treat a new customer. I don't mean to sound harsh, but it would be nice to at least get a reply to any of the emails I've sent you or bable or rafter or the support ticket I submitted to your support system 2 days ago which has gone unanswered! At least I can log into the forum with my username now, I'm just still locked out of the game! David C.