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  1. attention, mnagu, la sénélité te guete
  2. managu est vieux, mais tanaka parle fort
  3. arma lag 100 times worse than ww2
  4. Just download granny and put in game folder should do it
  5. "Le bump for the friends, le bump for the friends ..."
  6. Also, you ll need to have a mustache, but dont worry, not a big mustache like Dubane have
  7. Did you download the right version? w7 64 bit? I dont have any problem with my X52 pro w7 64 bit
  8. the i button is used to load profiles
  9. search it on google and copy it in windows/system32 or game and it should work
  10. what s your graphics card?
  11. If you have an ATI with catalyst 11.5, roll back to 11.4
  12. DNS is not a problem as the game use IP, it s from somwhere else