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  1. ddO5U3T1m-c Pwd8Qbf-cys
  2. Probably need a new class if you plan to add a counterpart to our dear and charming neighbours
  3. it seems only AhWulf dont know
  4. it s because of: (sorry offtopic, but now you know)
  5. Gophur: there s a problem in your statement, because we dont blackout all the time, just for a random reason when driving in fields (said without provocation and all, ofc, just to try to be informative)
  6. Too fast? We re talking about the bedford here, it s the slowest :/ And limit 15mph in the fields, it could add more strategy for the roads, could be interresting, but also frustating, maybe
  7. or was it KFS1 i never remember :{)
  8. old bug, it happened to me in 2006 and TOPD wouldnt beleive me
  9. it s because he did the most damage on you, and it simulate the way you could loose control and crash. If you find a better algorythm post it ^^
  10. it s not lag, it s inversed lag ! i observed this too since last patch, you get killed then you see the men, shooting, i wonder if i dont prefer old double kill system (150 ping average)
  11. ok, i see, thanks
  12. I tried with the mini map zooming and dezooming to get the exact distance but they all fall far behind.