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  1. It is not radical and we have been there before. It will just turn into a game of whack a mole I a grand scale. It would be terrible with virtually no battles.
  2. I do remember this.
  3. Were you banned from the forums or the game?
  4. I am just a player but I have been here basically from the start and remained active. I have been a GM and a forum manager at times. I have also been an active leader within a long term squad, but in the end I am just a player. What you put forward here does not sound like anything that I have seen from the Rats at any time. If anything they have been amazingly tolerant throughout the history of the game. Deliberate and unmistakable cheating is the only thing that I have seen players banned for doing.
  5. Agreed. Rats are really heading in the right direction. I would love to see some completely new vehicles, guns and planes in game in 2019. For the first time in many years this seems a real possibility. New vehicles and 1.36 should bring back players and this game needs players to truly shine.
  6. My take is that you can release your bombs at a very low altitude and have them arm, maybe too low in my opinion. During testing I was level bombing low enough in a Havoc that my bomb blast killed me. If I get some time in the next few days I will video some tests in the Havoc and Stuka.
  7. Now this is a completely different argument and potentially valid. If 2.5 seconds is too long then what is the value you recommend and why? To have some credibility it requires some testing. Pewrsonally I think I might spend some time on the test server tonight testing how low I can drop bombs. A video or two should be easily able to demonstrate how the system works in game. All I see so far are opinions with no evidence and evidence should be very easy to provide.
  8. I think this is a great change that will encourage realistic play, reduce abuse of the game mechanics and increase the value of player skill. A pilot will have to release their bombs at least 50m from the target which is very reasonable. The implementation sounds perfect for me and I will definitely be bombing under these rules.
  9. That is a sweet tank killer jwilly
  10. All of the new equipment being introduced into game, the equipment in the development pipeline and potential equipment to follow makes it an exciting time to be playing WWIIOL. Great work CRS.
  11. I believe that hit detection is client side. Lag deaths are something that is very hard to avoid with players from all over the world playing on a single server.
  12. If your spawn point is camped to hell then find another spawn point. It ain't rocket science, even for new players and maybe the vets can help them out by telling them of a good mission to join in. The game can only do so much for you if you insist on continually respawning into a bad spot. WWIIOL is a game that reward players using their initiative. If you are simply searching active missions for a busy spawnpoint you are likely to get good and bad gameplay. If you are willing to form up with teams of players and work together you are far more likely to influence the fight and have more fun.
  13. I have come to the conclusion that most people play games to relax. They are not after something that requires effort, concentration or the requirement to build up personal player skill. They are after something more inline with interactive TV. Something they can play with little real effort but it passes the time and gives them a reward. Hence the popularity of games where you can farm unchallenging mobs for xp and loot, or gather resources for crafting or simply socialising with mates online while you do something that is designed for you to win. The games reward the player with character xp, newly crafted equipment, a pretty green helmet, etc. At the end of a gaming session 4 hours have passed and they have "won" with little real effort. WWIIOL does not provide that gaming experience and it why I am still here and have always had an active account since year 1.
  14. and this does not surprise me at all. WWIIOL has always been a niche game and always will be. It has archaic graphics, does not reward playing with "virtual things" (ie avatar experience, cooler looking and better gear, etc), is directly competitive and unforgiving. It is also the best game I have ever loaded onto my PC but it will never be main stream. To love it you must be willing to work at learning to play. You must enjoy playing a game with the reward being rewarding game play rather than virtual window dressing. Making a game easier and more forgiving does not always make it as better game. Getting camped is the games way of telling you that your defence was not good enough and it is time to go elsewhere. Some people do not like to be told that they have lost this fight.