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  1. It doesn't happen in game often because it's an extremely tedious slog to load up a transport and then sail across the channel. Obviously in live play it's also ridiculously dangerous thing that can only really be pulled off in unbalanced low-pop scenarios. Either way, it's not as fun as you're imagining.
  2. I started in 2006. The last time I played was only a few months back when I checked out the progress of the game. I was wrapped up playing other games so I didn't devote enough time to WWII Online to really consider myself back. I stopped really playing about 3 years ago. I primarily play Allied but I did a campaign or two of Axis towards the end. I switched back to Allies and rejoined my old squad the 101st Airborne right at the end. I played a bit last night and was pleasantly surprised I was able to find a decent infantry fight almost right away.
  3. That UI is way to busy for its own good. Every single convention that makes a modern UI useable has been completely left out in that design. You've got a case of 90s PC game right there where the developers decide to cram as much info on screen as possible. This makes learning things difficult and clutters the screen for even advanced users. Less is more is the key. Finding ways of presenting more information with less UI elements. It's very difficult. Effective UI development is one of the most difficult things to do for any software project.
  4. I've forced v-sync off and still got crap FPS. I know it should run it fine, it just does't.
  5. You don't want the GTX 590. They have some serious heat problems. They've disabled the ability to overclock the card because it gets far to hot even at it's stock clocks. I've heard people actually underclocking just to get it down in temps. At this point a GTX 560ti is more than perfect for 99% of games out there, runs cool, and isn't extremely expensive. I think you would be better off with that and an i2500 or i2600.
  6. I don't know if this happens for everybody, but when I spawn into a populated town, my FPS hovers around 10-12. However it dramatically jumps to over 100fps when I am out in the fields defending an FB with a group of players. My specs: i7 930 @2.8ghz GTX 470 1.2 gb 6GB DDR3 Ram Windows 7 64 bit. I'm starting to wonder if this isn't a 64bit os problem. I tried to install windows xp on a partition last night, but I really messed it up and had to reformat, so I couldn't tell you if it's just the OS problem or not. I'll try it again tonight, hopefully I won't screw it up majorly this time. Anyways all of the graphic drivers are up to date, sound drivers are up to date, and Windows 7 64bit is up to SP1. Whenever I update drivers, I make sure to do a fresh wipe of the old drivers first so that I don't have any small conflicting problems. I don't know if I'm the only one with these problems, or if this is something pretty common. I've lowered all of the in-game graphical settings to the lowest and I'm running with medium player visibility. Turning down the player count was the only thing I noticed to have a major effect on the FPS, but even then after a few seconds it dropped back down to 10. I know a lot of people would kill for 10fps, but that is a problem. We shouldn't be running a game in 2011 at 10-15fps. Is the new patch going to address any of these issue? It all seems really CPU related. I've got all of that thread optimization stuff turned off in my nVidia control panel (because years back that would actually make my framerate skyrocket). I'm running out of options here guys.
  7. 30 fps in big battles with full settings is about what I get with my 930 at 3.8ghz and GTX 470. It's funny, people with half the processing power can get the same FPS in those battles.
  8. I think you should be getting a bit higher than that. No real suggestions though outside of what has been said. Maybe a clean reformat, new drivers, and a prayer?
  9. This game is really CPU hungry. I bought an i7 @ 2.8ghz and overclocked it to 3.8ghz, this game now runs at a really nice framerate. Gives an advantage in my opinion.
  10. I guess it's mostly in cities. I just feel that 20 fps is a bit low. 30 is fine, 20 is to choppy (for my tastes). I have my sound card selected properly for my 5.1 surround sound and I have the most up to date drivers with as few background processes as I possibly can. I guess I'm in the same boat as everybody else. Kind of annoying.
  11. No I have 3 gigs, i'm down 1 from 4 gigs. I forgot that part I have Windows 7 Pro 64bit.
  12. Hey all I read a few months back that the Rats have identified the problem that was causing horrible performance with some of the 5XXX series cards and the 4890 and put a temporary fix on it. My System: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 3.0ghz 3 gigs of DDR 2 800 ram ATI 4890 1 gig Windows 7 Pro 64bit Now I know my CPU isn't the most powerful thing on the market and I'm down 1 stick of ram (stupid mobo decided to crap out on me), but I still think I should see a bit better performance. In any city or even looking at a city my performance will go from 40-35 to 10-20, no matter how many people, no matter what time of day, and no matter what graphics settings. What puzzles me is the graphics settings. I can have them all on or all off and I see the same performance across the board. Pretty much crap. I've identified the problem not to be with bushes and foliage, rather with housing. I have a sneaky suspicion that the ATI 4890 doesn't like rendering the buildings or any character models. I feel like it is drawing everything that is not seen. I'm not sure if that is how the game is built or not, but I'm just going off of what I see. I know I may just fall on deaf ears and that there is such a small minority of players with this card that it is really a moot issue (and I should probably just suck it up and get a new card), I just figured I would throw it out there.
  13. I see the USS Washmuth still needs to be filled. If it is still available I will take it. If not, throw me in a stuka.
  14. Nothing by ATI. For some reason ATI drivers and WWII Online don't like each other. My 4890 runs this game like ***
  15. I'm actually having a major problem with extremely low FPS with an ATI Radeon 4890 1 gig DDR5 by XFX. I hear it uses a slightly different driver version than the 4870. I have to turn all graphical features off and even then in the middle of the city (even with nobody around) I get around 20-30 fps compared to the 60-70 I got with my Nvidia GeForce 8800gts 640mb (a 3 year old card). I don't know if this is ever going to get addressed or if I should just look into selling a kidney for a new graphic card. When 1.31 comes out and my FPS goes from 20 to 5 im going to be very disappointing.