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  1. It doesn't happen in game often because it's an extremely tedious slog to load up a transport and then sail across the channel. Obviously in live play it's also ridiculously dangerous thing that can only really be pulled off in unbalanced low-pop scenarios. Either way, it's not as fun as you're imagining.
  2. I started in 2006. The last time I played was only a few months back when I checked out the progress of the game. I was wrapped up playing other games so I didn't devote enough time to WWII Online to really consider myself back. I stopped really playing about 3 years ago. I primarily play Allied but I did a campaign or two of Axis towards the end. I switched back to Allies and rejoined my old squad the 101st Airborne right at the end. I played a bit last night and was pleasantly surprised I was able to find a decent infantry fight almost right away.
  3. Blato639's Beta notes for 7/5/2012 test date game version Test machine specs: i7 930 @ 2.8ghz hyperthreading disabled (only 4 logical cores) 6 gbs DDR3 1334 ram EVGA GTX 470 1.2 gbs ram stock clocked Windows 7 64 bit professional On board audio On Brit Para Drop to FB bust: -Spawned into mission and loaded onto para plane just fine. Mission ended with an MIA next to the FB. Was on mission for 10 minutes. Two noteable issues: -1. Grenade throwing animations not working right at a distance of 25+ meters. When I got closer they seemed to work. Otherwise it seemed like the nade just came from the body with no throwing animation. Character's stance was the normal standing position with main firearm drawn. -2. FB could not be taken down due to charges not doing any damage. Schilde US defense: -Created mission on Schidle-Oost depot with American Rifle (m1 garand). On attempting to spawn in, game experianced long load time and then crashed to desktop.That was after I had joined a Brit Para mission at Brussels and jumped on the Jodo-Gembloux FB. -After game reload, made a mission from the Schidle-Oost depot. Noted decent framerates. -While alt-tabed out of game to type up notes, CTDed while American Rifleman was idle in Schilde for 3-4 minutes and game visible in background. -Created thrid mission from Schidle-Oost depot. Noted that no EWS or AWS was active with obvious enemy activity in the area. -Somebody on target chat said they marked an EI with an infantry mark on the map. Could not see the mark. -Checked process in task manager while idel in the depot and alt-tabbed. Memeory for the WW2.exe*32 processes continued to increase, currently at 964,504k and increasing by 20-50K every second. CPU is at 25% spread evenly amoung all 4 cores. -Seeing that my FPS in a slightly active city are 50-70 on my specs at 1680x1050 with almost all graphical improvements off and all settings to their lowest with 10 minute corpse stay and blood marks. Muzzle flashes still on. -Noted much quicker response time on death from german grenadier's rifle grenade that burst at my feet. -Memory now at 995,248k after 10 minutes on mission in Schilde and one death and respawn. -Killed 3 EI at < 100m range. Dropped almost instantly on killing blow shots (chest and head). Very good response time. -Did not crash after 2x 10+ minute missions in Schilde as American rifleman with an M1 Garand. -Noted that the M1 Garand had a slightly more noticeable bullet drop. I'll need to test this more to be sure it's not just my inexperiance. It still killed as effectivly as other rifles. End of beta notes: From what I can tell a lot of major systems aren't working right. FBs cannot be busted, AOs do not appear, could not see marks on the map. Framerate was definintly higher and the host code was noteably improved. A few CTDs aside, preformance was rock solid. No audio glitches, no rendering glitches. Now if you could just do something about the German grenadier...
  4. The real question is, why the hell are these heavy ATGs flipping in the first place? Should we go to the root of that problem and fix that? I understand taking a corner way to fast when being towed, but no ATG on either side should ever flip by being pushed.
  5. I've been having a lot of problems with the audio in game as well. Most of the time sounds just aren't coming up for me. I'll be int he middle of a big battle and won't hear anything but one or two tank engines and maybe an explosion. I won't hear my rifle, footsteps when it's quite, machine guns, and all of that other stuff. I have a real PC too...
  6. I just wish the lightweight stuff (or all stuff for that matter) wouldn't act like they were rolling on the surface of the moon. I've seen far to many flipped Pannys and 232s and rolled ATGs because of that.
  7. I have a ATI 4890 from XFX with 1 gig of DDR5 video memory, an Intel E6600 CPU, and 4 gigs of DDR 800 ram with Windows 7 64bit and I get a total of 15 FPS with any settings on the Antwerp Benchmark for 1.31. To put this in perspective, I also only get 20 fps currently in 1.30. I have the latest drivers and I keep my system very clean and optimized (I'm a nerd). The 4890 is confirmed to use a different set of drivers than the 4870 which has been having no issues. I paid $300 for what is currently the 5th most powerful GPU on the market and I can't play this game or the beta worth crap. I don't know if this is an issue for CRS or if it is on ATI's side (probably ATI, I hate their drivers and I am never buying one of their cards again), but I thought I would bring it up.
  8. 130+ fps! DAMN YOU!!!
  9. I'm noticing that people with Windows 7 64bit are the ones having more performance issues. Mine, with my 4890 has been a problem even back in Windows Vista 32bit.
  10. I overclocked my E6600 to 3.0 ghz and saw a preformance increase in 1.30, going to test 1.31. I have messed with eveyr single graphic setting in the CCC and the game, tested it probably over 50 times with different things. I completely deleted all of my graphic drivers, did a drivers sweep, registery clean, defrag, reinstall of drivers and it didn't do anything. I've come to the conclusion that not only is my E6600 a bit underpowered for my 4890 (it really isn't as powerful as you think), the 4890 was just a half-assed attempt by ATI to outperform the GTX 275. I'm going to buy the Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 at 2.8ghz, OC to 3.0, and hopefully that will increase my FPS a bit. Maybe you Rats will do some optimizations before launch that will increase FPS. If not I guess I will live. In other new after overclocking my CPU my ArmA 2 framerate jumped to from 20 to 30 and stayed around 30 the whole night (5 hours mission), this leads me to believe that a lot of modern games are actually more CPU intensive than I originally. Crysis is very GPU heavy, I get like 40fps on that with some custom config files. Shattered Horizion, the game by Futurmark really saw a 5-10 fps increase with the overclock.
  11. Its the 4890, it doesn't like this game. I get the same FPS as you do with a much less powerful CPU (E6600).
  12. Well I will randomly get 10-15 FPS with 1.30 now with every graphic setting on low and the CPU stuff also set to low...
  13. Most old graphic drivers are not compatible with the 4890. I have other games that need the newer drivers as well. I am trying to scrap together funds to put a comparable Nvidia card in this computer.
  14. So there is really nothing I can do about it anymore? Other people running the 4870 run the game fine but the 4890 runs it like crap. This is upsetting as I paid upwards of $300 for my card.
  15. I don't know if it is as CPU bound as you all think. Although yes it is a major preformance sapper from the CPU, it seems a lot of ATI GPUs just don't handle this game well. I have a 4890 and an E6600 at 2.4 gHZ and I only get 20 FPS in the 1.31 beta and 25 fps in 1.30. Though when I had an 8800gts 640mb I was getting 45-100 FPS in 1.30. There is something wrong with ATI GPUs and this game.
  16. It's at 3.0 ghz, up from 2.4 ghz. I have been suspecting this for quite some time now.
  17. Vertical sync is off and there is nowhere to actually define frame run ahead.
  18. I've done this and it doesn't help.
  19. Opening the program alone didn't do anything. I really think it's a driver issue.
  20. Might as well add that in the training area I get around 40 FPS and when I add some clones in, it drops my FPS to the 20s. When I did the vehicle test I got a whopping 15 fps...
  21. So everybody can't wait to test the training area... We don't even get to see new buildings.