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  1. The Panther only does 45kph offroad - intended or bug!??!? Also the camo scheme if a bit - meh
  2. fix inb - no charge
  3. Srysly - Head --> Wall, stop doing it... Maybe you will notice the QUOTES then... ( "" )
  4. The basic design philosophy behind the MG34 and carried on w the MG42 (rather lightweight, universal, converted from light MG into a "heavy" one by using tripod mount w sights, leveling and auto fire / advance mechanisms etcetc) was due to the doctrine the Wehrmacht employed on account of lessons learned from WW1 namely: the MG is the KEY player, NOT the RIFLE nor SMG! The RIFLES in a german MG Trupp / Zug were there to merely support the MG by hauling AMMO to the MG and protecting it when leap frogging to the next position. For THAT you need to use a Machine Gun which can be hauled around EASILY, by ONE man as well as FIRED easily, again, by ONE man and not just from the "Hi, im nailed to the ground" position else the whole concept doesnt work really. The allied philosophy was the opposite - the MG chills in the back while the rifles move up - the MG then fires from its Chill Out position towards anything the squad leader advancing w the rifles / recon troops tells it to. So, when you throw around "Squad Support Weapon" in conjunction w the MG34 - bear this in mind: Wehrmacht: THE MG34 WAS THE "SQUAD" ! The RIFLES were the "Support" weapons! Allies: RIFLES were the "Squad", the MG was the SUPPORT weapon. What does that have to do w the MG34 again, in case you can not follow? To employ the doctrine and tactics as outlined rather broadly above the MG34 had to be designed and thus WAS designed to be handled AND FIRED / CONTROLLED easily by the average soldier in any position as the situation dictates, that includes standing and advancing ie walking while firing ! As to the sniper grief - depending on barrel wear and if outfitted w the proper sight ie on tripod w sights and due to the fact the MG34 came factory equipped w a dual-trigger (upper single, lower Field Broom (auto)) firing the same rounds used in sniper rifles (7.92x57) --- whats your point? Sure, you could snipe with it if you had nothing else / were bored / drunk enough...etetc, why not? If possible for real why not in game? Just be glad we dont get the tripod mount w the sights and all that....
  5. Hes talking about pounds - 120 pounds = 54kg - 5'6" = 167cm -- a 167cm male weighing in at 54kg is already somewhat on the "feeble" side
  6. Stop slamming your head into the wall, maybe you'll grasp whats been said more clearly Since "jogging" or, more accurately according to the animation depicted in-game, "Full Diaper Walk" is the default mode in-game it's not surprising the mg34 can be fired while doing so, also the "accuracy" or lack thereof depicts that. Now, talking about wielding such a weapon in close quarters is another thing w regards to "accuracy". If you spray that thing into a room you might as well take a shotgun and just hit everything at once as well, same thing - basically, combine it with th default "Full Diaper Walk" and you have the complaints as seen "Jogging while firing big gun clearing rooms/buildings" For what its worth it wouldnt hurt to drop the walk down to the "Sunday afternoon stroll in a Park watching Ducks going to the Bathroom" animation either when firing if thats more pleasing on the eyes and such - it wont stop the fact that it could and DID get fired while moving =) Course we seem to be missing the shoulder belt it came with or shoulder-aim like the dude in the vid but thats just an oversight im sure... So, since you all seem to know that this can / could / did get done, whats the big discussion here? The fact that its done while the avatar is still in "Full Diaper Walk" mode while doing so? What...
  7. Whats your point again? That being said - since the "recent" nerf like 5 years ago, the mg34 plugs rounds, WHEN FIRED undeployed and aimed dead ahead even - EVERYWHERE - ie starting w your TOES all the way to the CEILING at random (and thats when standing still, not even talking about walking and firing it, if you hit the ground or sky at all youre lucky) - as in, this guy here in the video firing it and aiming away would have his toenails clipped and eyebrows perforated by random rounds emanating from the barrel. Replacing a 50round drum magazine is also not a "squad job" requiring the gun to be laid down - stripped down - half day presence in the maintenance shop or whatever you wish for or are accustomed to or any such stunts: open receiver, SLIDE new drum on left side, pull end of clip by the tab, first 2 rounds 5cm into reciever, close-slam reciever - fire. Texting while driving is more difficult yet nobody complains about that unless youre on the receiving end of such a dipshat... Accept the fact already that the MG34 was specifically designed and built for ease of operation requiring as little personell as possible while laying down a maximum amount of firepower and rather accurately at that - while the mg42 skipmed on the last part it made up for by increased reliability and higher ROF yet the original design philosophy remains Its not like the mg34 it was some top notch, ultra modern, highly sophisticated machine gun featuring such advanced gimmicks as 50lb water coolers connected to the barrel jacket w 2m long hoses weighing in at around 90lbs+... MG34 = 25lbs w bipod - something every halfway fit male can carry and lift w one arm - you do it when going shopping holding 3 gallon jugs of water with one hand and thats more arkward to do even... W regards to the planes: Stuka, was designed to do so - HE111, not so much but you hardly see a HE111 live long enough anyway after the initial drop if it even gets to that DB7/Havoc - now theres Science Fiction Gene Roddenberry could not even have come up with...
  8. ...you missed this part - implying that it was the same in the previous camp just reversed...
  9. So Camp 134 w those squads being Axis and Camp lasting 36 Days through ALL Tiers incl. 8h+ AOs Halle/Brugge/Maub - Key towns such as Mons / Schilde / Pope / Maldegem / Albert / Bapaume et al changing hands 2-3 times and all that was "totally one-sided" as well then - Got it This Camp here was won on Day 9 ! The last 5 days the oh so merciful Axis squads over there were trotting in place so as to TRY and avoid making it all to obvious, the "one-sidedness" that is...
  10. Im assuming he means he can not despawn - only close game ie kill task ww2.exe and so on we had other people report this in game as well ie despawn window not coming up
  11. What do you mean "no sense of timing"? We take last fac town when we want and can, not when its convenient for xyz people....
  12. "The ONLY World War 2 Shooter / Simulator out there which makes you SERIOUSLY reconsider your abstinence from chemical dependencies!"
  13. 50% off your sub...at least
  14. ...."Remember when..." ...good old times - join the nostalgia already
  15. ...and just exactly WHAT is stopping Squads / HC and whatnot from engaging in all those pre. 1.27 Fun Activities WITH Flags - ie. NOW - on the board? Srysly, everyone NEEDs to be FORCED to go back to pre-historic mechanisms or else..? "Remember when..." ....right