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  1. missed this part - implying that it was the same in the previous camp just reversed...
  2. So Camp 134 w those squads being Axis and Camp lasting 36 Days through ALL Tiers incl. 8h+ AOs Halle/Brugge/Maub - Key towns such as Mons / Schilde / Pope / Maldegem / Albert / Bapaume et al changing hands 2-3 times and all that was "totally one-sided" as well then - Got it This Camp here was won on Day 9 ! The last 5 days the oh so merciful Axis squads over there were trotting in place so as to TRY and avoid making it all to obvious, the "one-sidedness" that is...
  3. Im assuming he means he can not despawn - only close game ie kill task ww2.exe and so on we had other people report this in game as well ie despawn window not coming up
  4. What do you mean "no sense of timing"? We take last fac town when we want and can, not when its convenient for xyz people....
  5. "The ONLY World War 2 Shooter / Simulator out there which makes you SERIOUSLY reconsider your abstinence from chemical dependencies!"
  6. 50% off your least
  7. ...."Remember when..." ...good old times - join the nostalgia already
  8. ...and just exactly WHAT is stopping Squads / HC and whatnot from engaging in all those pre. 1.27 Fun Activities WITH Flags - ie. NOW - on the board? Srysly, everyone NEEDs to be FORCED to go back to pre-historic mechanisms or else..? "Remember when..." ....right
  9. If i wanted to set FRUs (FMS) nonstop - i would and could, something which was primary HC stuff ie walking FRUs in 30mins before AO change until they "fixed" that, ever since, nah If i wanted to TOW stuff, i would and could - something one will do if necessary even now If i wanted to organize and lead while spawned in, one could and would, even now if bored enough All bollocks arguments about what HC can do once flags are gone because there are no good ones except the myriad of personal gripes cloaked as official gamebreaking elements wrapped in the "good for the game" flag If HC wants to do all of the above, and many do, nothing is stopping them from doing so even w Flags around - some have done this tedious schit for years by now tho and are just tired of doing so if not actually getting migraines just thinking about having to spawn in somewhere by now - recent "better for gameplay* (*by popular demand)" fixes making it even worse... For the latter category the strategic element re. Flags/Supply/Links/Training new HC is the only thing making them shell out $17.99/month
  10. Reserve HC - anyone can do it...thats what its there for No full Hc on? You as RES HC can move stuff / drop AOs and whatnot Full HC on - your call if you wanna stay in blue doing stuff or leave, no obligations whatsoever Again, Reserve HC <-- its there for a reason ------------------------------------------------------- In general: W Flags gone - something else needs to come in to keep the "edge" here unless this here will be advertised as "1999-style PvP shooter on a huge and, for the most part, empty map" Course CRS feels empowered atm and has been ever since their anouncement re. removing flags due to the incessant & rather vocal / seal-like clapping by some individuals... I would also be weary when it comes to Polls regarding this - apparently polling gave us Truck only FRUs back too, so... Keep this in mind: "Democracy - where the votes of two Idiots count for more than that of one wise man"
  11. Define "better rig" what as in everything or just cpu etc?
  12. Rewards / Awards for successfully spawning from a FRU without falling down as well please.....(srysly?)
  13. heres your FLARE: use forumz.....ahh - my eyes *squint*
  14. Dark please - just dark is fine...dark - no need to browse forumz while applying suntan lotion every 10mins - dark
  15. its like 6am - checking the usual stuff and ready to start certain wars / invasions in case anyone even remotely thinks of talking to me..then i come here and - my eyes Teh panzers are rolling, its your fault this time Also now it looks just like any other forum...war thunder - kerbal space and whatnot utilizing invision boards