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  1. I had the same "pröblem" 4 weeks ago - i was being told that it isnt switched from premium to free play automatically...had to do it by hand and request
  2. go to 7k+ (in meters) and locate the ground ie the "Earth"..what do you see?
  3. The penalties for being "overpopulated" - i.e. people spawning into the side that the rest of their squad / friends / relatives / whatever is/are on, how dare you!! - are responsible for ruining everyones fun already, so not really sure whats your angle here but regardless..: Due to aforementioned penalties ( SD and recently Pop-based Capture timers ) those 5 people are pi$$ing off everyone else actually playing the game as intended ie Defending and Capturing towns by imposing said Spawn Delay and longer Capture Timers on them and thus causing Frustration & Log-Offs further magnifying the issue. This was rather painfully brought to the attention of everyone sometime back in 2012 already on Axis, when one Squad decided it would be a rather BRILLIANT idea to bring in 50+ people for some event 200k behind the front for 2 hours and thus imposing, due to SD (un-)limited to..240? 300? secs at that time a 200+SD on the whole side i.e. the 30 ppl actually trying to PLAY the GAME - over the course of those 2h we lost 5 or 6 towns in rapid succession. It was also brought to CRS attention back then by some 3 letter guy that splitting up SD by Branch would make more sense rather than imposing a general SD on the WHOLE side just because 5/10/15 guys in DDs are trying to see who can sail north the farthest before falling off the map or 20 (actual quote: "going for epic RPD[sic] raid, woot") bombers sitting on an AF for 45mins configuring their joysticks or some such nonsense. 10 planes in the air and 3 Navy vessels somewhere being useless as usual while being underpopulated on the ground should NOT make those 5 guys facing 10 ground attackers endure SD and longer Cap Timers to boot for example and so forth etcetc.... One could also split SD not only by Branch but additionally by Towns links / Proximity to enemy linked towns - if you spawn from a frontline town you have SD - by branch, up to 2 towns deep - everything else doesnt get SD but that would require coding and thus "work". Once those "5 guys" playing horseshoes somewhere in England or Düsseldorf are not contributing to the overall gameplay penalties imposed on the rest of the playerbase of your side anymore, i would care more about the proverbial sack of rice that just tipped over in China...
  4. Y0, only ople..
  5. considering english isnt my first language ( opposed to..., etc) im still far more capable than the lot of you - that should concern you...not some letter mixup that happened while composing stuff on smartphone =)
  6. ...i would like to offer my services w regards to PROOFREADING system messages before they're being spammed every 5 mins for 24h+ at a time. Considering they're being spammed, as mentioned above, for considerable lenghts of time while, on average, containing at least one major spelling error, it throws a rather bad light on CRS in are we / new players supposed to trust you w millions of lines of code if you can't compose a 2 line SYSTEM message w/o error, afterall... ps. it took 4 tries during the last intermission to get a SYS MSG out that didn't contain one error - its PR, stop failing at it
  7. Ok - tier 3 we request that allies dont get SMGs and we lose the 4G and 88mm flak in return...see if thats the same as well - kthx
  8. French have MAS40 in their flags - yet i cant find a single G41 in any Axis flag..... "Risk of War" like last camp w the all-flags-inf-supply scheme for allies?
  9. The "near economic collapse", wherever you read that - didnt happen until late 1944 early 1945...certainly NOT in 1940 - 1943... Also, lets not forget the Redball Express which basically choked itself trying to deliver fuel to the rather overmotorized allied divisions, and while doing so used about as much fuel as the divisions themselves... A Horse otoh, can live off the land, doesnt require lubricants/coolants/spare parts and FUEL, every single item woud have to be produced and transported and can, under dire circumstances, be consumed.
  10. ...SIDE bollocks is 80% of the reason to still login and has been for quite some time now - turn it off if you dont like it - also, just for MO we have to keep chatting on side cos...for...reasons DONT TAKE AWAY MY STAPLER !!
  11. Then balance the Morris/Laffy as well vs. the Opel w regards to coasting ability Take the Stuka-like flight / dive-bomb characteristics away from the DB7/Havoc Increase the dispersion of the Thompson Rail Gun to that of the MG34 as is now fired from hip and shoulder considering same ROF, lighter and .45 round Increase the size of the Matty / Sherman / Churchill gun barrels hitboxes to that of the 4g/Tiger instead of the current "needle dlck" hitbox vs. trump tower sized one Put an Antenna on top of the Dac & Panny obscuring view from commander pos every 60deg, esp using binocs, also make them LOUDER, like 232 ...key gameplay balancing right there - all for it im sure, huh?
  12. Most comments in here are downright SCARY, esp from the kapital letterz and other "experts" w regards to the current in-game implementation of the MG34 LMG in particular. The dispersion has already been "fixed" to the point where a good 1/3rd of the rounds fired from the hip are bound, aiming straight ahead mind you, to clip your toenails or hit the moon or the building left/right of you even if off-screen at some point...thats with the barrel being held steady at some fixed point AHEAD of you - a 90deg deviation from where the barrel is pointing at. Going by comments here from the aforementioned crowd it seems they have used an MG34, in-game, about as many times as i have used a DB7 Starship - but thats not getting fixed, or the Thompson Rail Guns, the Grease Gun off to Tier 2/3, the ballistics coefficient of the k98 sS round, the wildly inaccurate MP40 after the last "fix" in 2007 which, coincidentially started out the same "MP40 too accurate wawawah"....etcetc While i appreciate the effort in general - im NOT in favor of another overhasty snotbubble-fix Re. "Semantics" - the MG34 was an LMG, specifically designed as SUCH - it could be used in the MMG "role" by mounting it on a heavy TRIPOD with optics and all - that still doesnt make it an MMG in the first place, it was and is an LMG!
  13. AHC

    ...go cap Lillers - win Intermission already *o_0*
  14. Would it be possible to get LW to Le Toupet as well then..considering Folkstone 50k across a large body of water "frontlines" it we cant move it in ourselves, obviously...
  15. oppressing criticizm will make it go away....lesson right there