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  1. Nah, were good - after all CRS is depending on my money - im not depending on CRS tho...
  2. Before you get into any further tweaking of the Audio ranges re. FMS capable veehikles - fixing the glaring disparity in Engine-Off coasting ranges between the prime FMS vehicles Opel / Morris / Laffy is required. Any Audiio reduction before THAT is done is, to put it mildly, idiotic. It is comical enough as it is right now - EWS on an Axis town - spawn in to check it out, get on top of CP, do one, two 360s, all silent yet suddenly you see a morris top or two zipping through the bushlines NW / SW / SE 500m away, stopping, setting up - never any engine audio hence they were coasting, offroad, either from 1.5k+ to almost within mindis, no Audio or they do a complete semicircle around town coming in W and setting up SE/E coasting. And thats only towns w EWS - out in the "field" and at FBs its even more retarded - you have a ZOC on a town / defend an FB and you still get shafted by silent EFMS being setup behind you due to that insane coasting ability, is no different from INF placed FRUs really, unless you try to do the same w an Opel. SO first thing: Fix Coasting disparities Opel/Morris/Laffy ..then you can fiddle w the other crap
  3. #1 Probably #2 According to Kim, North Koreas GDP is equal to if not surpassing that of Western Europe, Russia and the US combined - same thing here re. 525k etc #3 It is the same... #4 Graphics - see this thing, like everything in life, is in principle like a slider from left to right - far left is all the intellectual stuff, far right is completely superficial eyecandy...since all the stuff that made this game survive is slowly but surely being whittled away it HAS to move towards the eye candy stuff, or else... #5 Hero builder accs are a bt scammy - yes you get a free towing acc with them but thats all you can do with it, tow yourself/others and play canary at FBs - for $35 you can also get 2 regular monthly subs and thus 2 full accs you can do everything with, but then your narcissistic side wouldnt be spawning into the game shoving everyone that little hammer next to your name into the face indicating that you are a Hero builder and therefore a better human... #6 If the muse doesnt whack you over the head sometime around Feb. 30th then it wont happen until youre drunk enough to the point where you would also initiate making a pass at a moderately attractive wall socket... #7 Considering we didnt have a Welfare Drive yet for bubble gum and scotch tape it seems things are not that bad, yet... #8 No clue, dont care, never have, never will... #9 Seems a souped up 56k modem will still do fine since theres most likely still some " a van, down by the river" backwoods dude BUT 2001 subscriber whom can not be forced to upgrade or afforded to be lost even by upping the line minimum... #10 See #8 #11 Read it quick - its gonna be deleted ^ and all youre left with is the Official Party line babble ^^
  4. "There are two timers. A 15-minute timer for frontline moves and a one-hour timer for backline moves." -- the other way around
  5. Yes, mom...
  6. LOCKING THIS!!!...
  7. but but merikans and "high res" terrain and 3rd person and (what else was in RA i forget, beta too long ago) ... stuff
  8. ...omg i want - kickstarter...? where..
  9. ...#1 on the list already
  10. Whats "Rapid Assault"...?
  11. Forumz ---> "ANNOUNCEMENT" Use them - not IN GAME 20mins-1h in advance, short notice ! If you can't announce 24h in advance an obviously PLANNED SERVER DOWNTIME exceeding 30mins - lack of Organisation within the rank and file, if any... You already pi$$ed off enough people with the 8h server downtime on a WEEKEND 3 weeks ago with merely 6h advance warning IN GAME, learn? Ty
  12. The Panther only does 45kph offroad - intended or bug!??!? Also the camo scheme if a bit - meh
  13. fix inb - no charge
  14. Srysly - Head --> Wall, stop doing it... Maybe you will notice the QUOTES then... ( "" )