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  1. I can listen I just don't like talking to myself when everyone is asleep and the headphones cranked. If my ability to talk is putting you off
  2. still looking don't care what side just looking for mates to fly with
  3. I don't talk on whatever todays version of teamspeak is, ill fly whatever side I don't really mind looking to relearn how to fly been out of it for a few years.
  4. i should have specified Dedicated air squad
  5. german french british w/e tired of flying around on my own all the time and want to get back into the mix now that i have reaccustumed myself to flying after being gone for 1 year. Looking for an active squad that doesnt demand me being on 24/7 (i work alot) let me know by email : or pm / reply
  6. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bounties
  7. yep

    i did the hc thing im just a pilot
  8. yep

    yep! allied planes and stuff
  9. id hit it 20 times over then id work my way back to 0 and hope i dont get nailed on 20 counts of statutory rape