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  1. My last payment was on Jan. 7, and still my account became inactive today.
  2. Hello, Some time ago CRS changed the constant aim combination (for rifles, SMGs etc) from alt-rclick to alt-shift-rclick. This is a problem for me because Windows uses alt-shift to switch between different keyboard layouts, so many times after using this key combination my in-game messages are in a different language and I have to switch back to English. Is there a way to set a different key combination, or revert to the old alt-rclick? TIA
  3. Hello, Starting a few weeks ago, the game seems to ignore preferences in wwiiol.xml. When I change them the new values are saved to the file, but not read by the game, so I always play with default values. This is a new thing, never had a problem before. I even deleted the useless file and started from scratch, but nothing changed. Help would be appreciated. TIA
  4. Hi guys, anyone knows how to lock infantry weapon (rifles etc.) gunsight view? It used to be rightmouse+leftalt, now this doesn't work. Looked at the keymapper, couldn't find anything. TIA.
  5. Still banging my head against the wall with that wine/BG/joystick problem. Anything new here?
  6. True, mouse is OK in Win2K. Stick still not working though
  7. caydel, what do you mean by saying "spotty"? I was unable to get any response from 2 different sticks (Saitek ST290 Pro & Logitech Extreme 3D Pro).
  8. I already reported this bug: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=23236
  9. It runs fine on my ububtu 64 with sound and all, but the joystick doesn't work at all since 1.32 release.
  10. Nice, I didn't know people are doing this. However, since I have a spare PC it would be a shame not to use it for this purpose. BTW, how do you launch the second instance? Alt-tab to desktop doesn't work for me these days and on pressing the Win key the Start menu doesn't appear. Thanks
  11. Hi vonkurt, Do You mean I can run 2 instances of the game on a single PC?