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  1. augetout
  2. See you on the battlefield! lol all good I have been known to be called Hippie a few times due to my long hair
  3. Yep I am subbed. I subbed when WW2OL was available through Steam to bring a new player up through the ranks ANZAC woodsnz. This profile Woods74 is my ancient original one. Yes Allied only.
  4. Wohooo! This is great. The game strives for a realistic battlefield and the LMG class held it back. To me it was the only stupid thing in the game to see LMG EI running around up and down stairs spinning around in circles with a seemingly unlimited magazine. Great work CRS!
  5. Howdy all woodsnz here on my old Woods74 log in I have created a new enjin website and forums for ANZAC Squad All new players that live in New Zealand and Australia come join us old veterans! We will be happy to coach new players Anyone is welcome to register to the website and say hello https://anzacsquad.enjin.com/
  6. ANZAC woods74 signing up for Allies. S!