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  1. I have never used tail lock and have flown quite a bit, overrated ability?
  2. *cough* Tho a reply from doc
  3. video or it didnt happen
  4. Woah woah wooahhh what is this magic -3 lod thing you speak about?
  5. 1 day premium for $.50 through steam? Is it possible? Kinda lile the shark cards in GTA Where you can buy ingame credit with real cash. Buy it once in a while when you feel like it, and .50 is easy for everyone to throw away
  6. All infantry for f2p All vehicles for premium,simple
  7. long hallways with murderholes, no windows to the outside that lets outsiders shoot defenders in the back, if there are windows, that window should be walled in so no damage could be done to defenders unless they stand at the window. the bunker should the defenders hood.
  8. next friday?
  9. Only capped bunker once and i kinda liked it With having the windows blocked you cant defend yourself while capping by killing infantry running from the barracks, so you would need guards in the other rooms to stop them to get to your cap room. You need dedicated guards and cappers. And you cant spam He to stop cappers
  10. 1:05 Bmp hits a curb hard and loses its track on 1 side, driver keeps driving straight for 150 or so meters before he himself seems to decide its a bad idea to keep going and stops the vehicle. Tow arrives 6minutes later while getting covered my MBTs
  11. Would be nice, easier to hit with aa since they cant make those hard turns
  12. who?
  13. When i had tanks superclose to me i never shot with it using the scope, i used it from normal eye view
  14. 300-400? compared to old zoom its hard to see zoom was its main perk imo
  15. can berely see where the rounds land now !