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  1. LOL That M10 was me! It was a matter of seconds for you or me to be dead or alive.
  2. They are not working properly. Some sorties added, not all and killers N/A. Stats missing or not working in many fields.
  3. Hi Ian. It's great to meet you again! In case that you don't remember me, I'm dim1 brother. The wolves is a notorious squad indeed. In my whole game life I served Allies as a member of 22nd Mech Inf and we fought against the Wolves so many times at Aarschot and Diest (the areas that both teams defended). We also organized a common squad night between our teams. Great memories. S ! to my beloved enemies P.S. Memnoch was my first kill ever in the game back in 2006 when I was a recruit.
  4. Bump! I'm pride to be a member of the legendary 22nd!!