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  1. The main issue with the Axis MG is that while shooting from the hip all the shots are hitting center of the screen. It is as accurate as a rifle using iron sights. This is the problem. this is why a run and gun axis MG can clear an entire room with one clip and can even fire from dozens of metres with accuracy before needing to go prone. even prone with no bipod it is extremely accurate. While the allies MG fire is way off center making it very very inaccurate . Why did the devs make this completely unbalanced decision to allow Axis this ridiculous advantage? Want to fix this issue, make the Axis MG shoot off centre when shooting from the hip.
  2. Either way I think today your opinion has more value than just about any HC in game due to your willingness to see how certain changes can inadvertently have negative consequences for either side., I like playing against you, but its nice to have you on allied side now and then! But more importantly its much more valuable to have your opinion on important matters!!
  3. Mo since I have been in game, you have always always been the voice of reason. Never have I seen you with biased opinions. When there is a problem with game dynamics you ALWAYS look at it from a neutral side and call out either side when fit. You are always looking out for what's best for the game, NOT what's best for the side you are playing. You are the Rand Paul of wwiionline
  4. XOOM this was never personal. When I logged in last night I had already a few beers and did enjoy the game for a while (doing normal FB attacks and stuff) but things very quickly turned bad and then got worse. I definitely like the idea of cap timer changes but why does the underpop side (ie Allied for most maps) have to get the same timers? Wouldn't it make sense for underpop to get lower cap timers then OP? We do appreciate all the work done by CRS to continue to update the game, but sometimes you must take a step back and wonder if any change will have a detrimental impact on the underpop side (the most vulnerable side and most likely to quit when playing against almost insurmountable odds.) Keep up the great work and don't let this stop you guys from thinking outside the box and trying different game changes. But it might be better to do it in intermission for testing first though! Oh yes I'll be logging in later when baby asleep!! GO HABS GO!
  5. So why only 6 sorties so far? NM saw you actually log in as axis 4 times more than allied. ok explains it all.
  6. wait so you don't like this change, you aren't playing for more than 10 mins but insist on attacking those who are voicing their opinions abou the change.. nice. And yes since Axis is OP (last campaign it was very obvious when all axis came allied just to run the map through in under a week) so Axis will always benefit any change that penalizes underpop. simple . Anything else you need explanations for?
  7. wow! Let me guess Axis player who wants to keep these timers?
  8. it got deleted. I'm guessing pending further discussion among the devs. They might be looking at Saturday afternoon/evening stats and see the dramatic drop off in logins.
  9. I think the majority of the player base can get onboard with something like that. BUT it MUST address side imbalance. Cap timers must be on a sliding scale. Faster cap for underpop, and longer cap timers for overpop. But of course this would NEVER be acceptable to the hmm OP side.
  10. The cons far far outweigh the pros. It was a nice try, but time to move on and we shall never discuss this again!
  11. Not sure what happened to XOOM's reply, its gone now, but thanks for the update. Not sure why CRS would want to make such drastic changes considering we are so close to Steam launch.
  12. Sorry delems but what made this game stand out was the tactics, strategy and combined arms all working together where battles are fought over hours not minutes. This 30 sec timer makes this game just like any of the hundreds of other twitch FPS out there, but with worse graphics. If that is CRS goal, to compete with twitch FPS, well they will fail miserably compared to the hundreds of shiny polished games already out. Too many of us feel the same.
  13. Same. Made that decision last night. For me this is as bad as the audio update. Won't return until its changed back. But I do suspect this is going to get implemented to attract steam subscribers. When that happens game gets removed from HD.